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Monday, August 18, 2008

Take Two - Minutes That IS all the Insurance will Allow.

Getting good advice and good service from a doctor anymore seems darn near impossible. I recently had a doctors appointment and asked for two things to be looked at while I was in there. I was told they needed to be two separate appointments because the doctor can't take that long of time on one appointment and insurance may not pay for it unless it's two separate appointments. What the heck is up with that? It seems that insurance companies have taken it upon themselves to decide that doctors are more productive if they only spend five minutes or less talking to their patients. Where is the government to regulate this and say this is absurd? Needless to say I had the one issue taken care of and have never gone back for the other. I am a busy person. Most people are and I don't have time to go back time after time. Not only are the insurance companies making it more difficult, but the doctors themselves have started to succumb to this philosophy of ignorance. I like my doctor, don't get me wrong, but I will probably be looking for a different one in the near future. I want a doctor who hears what I say and doesn't put his own believe in what is really happen in there so quickly that he doesn't "hear what I'm saying." I miss my childhood doctor that I had into my late twenties. He listened. He was always there and had helpful ideas. The appointment before last when I went into my doctors office I had gone in for a checkup from a bad throat infection. Upon checking my doctor told me the infection was gone. This left me feeling at odds with him because my throat still hurt so bad that I wanted to cry. He told me to not talk for a while and it would heal. "NOT Talk for a while?" I told him I was a dispatcher and this isn't really going to happen. He told me to try. No medicines or any helpful words that was his final decision. I went on to tell him I had concerns that something else may be going on because I not only have sore throats often but I get headaches almost every day, I'm exhausted a lot and I wear out easy. I wake up feeling exhausted. It gets better for a couple of hours after I wake up, but then I go back to feeling listless and warn out. There are other issues I have, but that is the gist of what I told him. He told me it was probably stress and nothing more. Now he did run some test and nothing came of those, but I think he did that to pacify me and not really to look for any illness. I have found that Zrytec allergy medicine helps with the sore throat. Popping four Motrin help with the headaches. I guess I'll just self medicate myself to death. What my doctor needs to understand is I HATE going to doctors office's and I HATE taking medications. I'm not going to try to get medications. I want to take as little as possible. I do think something deeper is going on with me, but I'll never be able to find out until I die and they autopsy my corpse thanks to lack luster doctors and insurance companies that simply say "Take Two." minutes that is. Here's to your health!

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ida said...

i thank God that i got a doctor that understands the ends and outs with my work and insurance. omg what a blessing.