Why I'm here....

Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The True Mark of a Friend

You hear the thunder rumbling in the distance. Clouds are visibly accruing. The storm is definitely on the horizon. You're unsure what to do as this storm scares you so badly and shakes you clear down to the bone. The storm though is not of mother nature, it is of life. Your life is in an upheaval. Your emotions run rampant and you're not sure what to do. Then it hits you. All you have to do for that emotional support to shelter you from the storm is pick up the phone and call your best friend. Wait though, you can't. You can talk to them, but they are no longer here. No longer with us in this realm of existence. For a moment your heart breaks into and you think the storm will engulf you. It doesn't though because you hear those words of comfort and wisdom in your mind. You know that if your friend were here they would walk you through it and if they saw you trying to give up they would advise you against it. Who hasn't felt this way at one time or another? We all have people we've lost in our lives to death or to life circumstances. People we knew had our back. So what makes the true mark of a friend. A friend to me is someone I can be me with and not be judged. Flaws and all are excepted. They may point them out to me every once in a while but they accept me no less. A friend is someone you think of when you need someone to pick up your spirits. Someone you know will be there if you need them. A friend is someone you share in their pain and in their joy. As I sat and had dinner this evening with a good friend, he and I talked about this topic in it's own right. We talked about how we wish we had met someone who must have been that type of friend to a couple of mutual friends of ours. We never had the opportunity, but as I also heard another friend say, again about this same person, I hope some day when I am gone someone will think of me the way this person is thought of. If someone holds me in just a forth of that light I'll have been a good friend to at least someone. It also lead me to thinking about how we do things here in this life really does matter. We all leave our mark on other people whether we realize it or not. So this summer as we are living life to the fullest and as if it's our last, let us all also do our best to embrace the light of being a true great friend to those in our life. After all that really is the true mark of a friend now isn't it?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yard Sale This Weekend...

OK here goes: Yard Sale - Friday 8am to 2PM and Saturday 8am to 4:30PM weather permitting. Several new never used items. Where? Off Dupont at 10334 Tairn Road. Drop on by. You might just see me there. OK, You will see me there.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Last Summer...

Today as I have done often in the past while, I woke up and saw sunshine and thought what a beautiful day for a walk. So I put a menthol patch on my ankle and wrapped it, Grabbed my Walkman and my watch and headed out. As I went on the back street I saw a neighbor lady I have spoken two probably a few dozen times over the last ten years of living in this neighborhood. I always liked her and her husband. They were friendly and seemed very happy. Her little dog ran out to the road to great me as she has many times before. I bent down and petted her head and scratched her back. The woman walked down her drive to where I was at. As she spoke she mentioned how much she missed Jim. I said wait that is your husband right. She was surprised I didn't know that her husband had passed away on January 8Th. She said she thought the whole neighborhood knew. She then went on to tell me how in December 2007 her husband had gotten what he thought was a cold. He coughed and coughed. Shortly after Christmas he went to the doctors with what he thought was a case of pneumonia to find out he had lung cancer stage 4. He had never smoked a day in his life and none of the jobs he had in all his years of work lead to any clues as to why this otherwise healthy man had lung cancer. As I stood and talked to her I said but he looked so healthy and vibrant last summer. She agreed he did. He didn't go down hill until the fall when he started Chemo. She said she would never suggest that treatment to anyone. He had been given eighteen months to live when he found out he had cancer. I can't figure out if they knew he was terminal why they would give him such a radical treatment, but then I wasn't part of the process either. He lived twelve months and two weeks roughly after having been given his diagnosis. I went on with my walk a little bothered. Remembering his smile. Remembering him throwing up his hand from his truck. All that kept going through my mind was how would I choose to live my last summer if I knew there wouldn't be another. This man probably knew it was his last. Do you think he savored every moment? I suggest we all enjoy this summer. I plan to get in as much family and friend time as possible. I plan to make the most of it and I challenge each and every one of you to do the same. None of us ever know if it's going to be our last. We are not promised a tomorrow let alone another summer. So savor this one, for you never know if it's that one last summer.

Monday, May 25, 2009


On the drive back from my Niece's pre-school graduation on Friday I snapped this photo as we drove by this accident. This was on US 27. I can't help but wonder if someone forgot to stop at the stop sign in the back ground or if someone turned into the path of on-coming traffic. Either way... OUCH!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Of Youth Comes Memories....

Tonight I went to my niece, Ashley's, graduation from her preschool. Now I actually think it's silly that they have a graduation for preschool children; however, the look on her face of sheer joy in her accomplishment was wonderful. She was extremely proud of herself. Also she sang louder than any of the other children. Not one shy bone in her body. I suppose she gets that from me in that I have no shame. I love people. I love performance and embarrassment is not in my repertoire. Anyway. She was charming and sang great and I am very proud of her. Now she just needs to head off to kindergarten this fall. Full day I am told. She's all set. Do they do a graduation from kindergarten?

Two Wrongs Shouldn't Envolve a Church...

So in a moment of insanity today I turned on WOWO instead of listening to music. I like some of WOWO's talk radio. This was during Pat White's radio broadcast. I don't always agree with his point of view, but he is one of the few I can listen to on WOWO without wanting to scream at the autocracy of what is being said. Today though, as with probably a lot of news media, there was the subject of American Idol's crowning Kris Allen as the victor for this season. I was saddened by it. I mean I don't want to take away from Kris's win for him, but Adam is a much better singer and a much stronger performer and where as I might actually buy an Adam Lambert CD I somehow doubt I would ever bother with a Kris Allen CD. I also thought that Danny who came in third place was also a much better singer and performer than Kris. What is worse is that Kris must have agreed with me as his astonishment showed and his own proclamation that Adam deserved it rang out. So what does this have to do with Pat White? Easy, I could not believe my ears and it had nothing to do with his opinion. It had to do with what he was reporting on and I can't believe anyone would even consider doing such an idiotic thing. He said that the church that Kris Allen goes to and was a worship leader for The New Life Church in Maumelle, Arkansas didn't like Adam because of obvious life choices. He said that this church's leader and congregation had decided that they couldn't let an abomination such as Adam Lambert win since it was obvious he was gay. Now Pat White didn't say exactly the word gay. He said something to the effect of that since it was obvious his life choices were different and his "choice" was obvious. He kept going and did everything but say the word and it was obvious that is what he was talking about. He said this church made it their personal mission to see that Adam didn't win at any cost. That they used Twitter and Facebook to spread the word and ask other churches to get their congregation and their members to vote for Kris so that there was no way that Adam could win. Can people really be that ignorant? I mean even if you don't agree with the gay life style that doesn't give you the right to try to hold someone back or keep them down. That isn't a reason for this type of attack. Also shouldn't a church be accepting and teaching? Shouldn't they show their compassion and their desire to help, not crush someone? I mean I have to say I do admire Kris though because he showed deep emotion and commitment to his Co-Idol Adam. Unless it was a fake show, but I don't think it was. I think this church should look at Kris and understand that this had nothing to do with sexual preference. This had nothing to do with whether that person on the stage was a Christian or a sinner. It was a singing and performance contest and it should have been judged based on that by the American people, no by bigoted ignorance due to a life style. Did they think that Adam singing on stage was going to transform their kids from straight to gay? Either way I am sorely disappointed if it is true that a church, any church could do something so petty. It would be different if they had said they were doing it because they believed in Kris. I would even be OK with them openly stating they didn't appreciate Adam's flamboyance, but a church shouldn't be telling people how they have to live. They are there to guide and suggest a life style they believe will help you to get to heaven. They shouldn't be there to promote hate and prejudice. Adam I believe will be a huge success either way. Kris's only hope is probably to sing country, but I somehow doubt he'll ever be that popular. I could be wrong. It's happened before. Well congratulations to the winner Kris and congratulations on such great talent Adam and if it's true what Pat White said, Shame on The New Life church. Love not hate should be professed. Forgiveness and acceptance are my preference. I don't have to agree with someones life choices to know talent when I see it or to appreciate them as a human and to allow them to live their life to their best the way they feel they should. My guess everyone when placed on a pedestal will eventually fall off so these church members better be working in their own back yards first. Two wrongs don't make a right and they sure as heck shouldn't involve a church instigating them.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Never Know Who's Watching...

I guess I am just not a very observant person. When I go on my walks I am in my own world, my mind off somewhere on a journey and my Walkman blaring in my ears. It's a time for me to work through things that are bothering me, or be off on some fantasy in my mind. (No I don't mean that kind of fantasy.) It's a time for me to concentrate on me. So as I am walking I rarely take notice of whom is out and doing what. I mean I do sometimes. The little old lady with the power saw yesterday was pretty hard to miss. I don't think about the fact that people are watching me as I walk. I don't think about the fact that they may be making notes or having their own thoughts that might involve me. I don't see myself as that intriguing so it takes me back when people say they were thinking of me or what have you. I mean I like it. Who doesn't like knowing that they crossed someones mind. So today was an exceptionally beautiful day and I have a lot weighing on my mind. I use to sit and eat and watch television when I was uptight if I didn't have someone to go out with because it filled that void and it gave me something other than what was bothering me to think about. Then I realized that just doesn't cut it and it's taking away my life. So today when I would get that anxious I need to eat feeling I filled the void with work or exercise. I took the first walk this morning. One hour twenty six minutes and 4.42 miles. I don't know if that is good or bad time. I wasn't making a point to try for anything, but I have a watch I can wear that tells me my heart rate, how fast I'm walking and how long I have been walking and how far. It also counts the steps for me. First walk clocked in at 10175 steps. So this evening after meeting friends for Mexican I came home feeling a little nostalgic and not wanting to go in quiet yet. So I put on my watch, my Walkman and my tennis shoe's and struck out again. A little faster paced as if I had somewhere to be. I am not sure what motivated me to walk faster, but it felt right. First trip around my neighborhood was uneventful. I still didn't want to go in, so I took off again without even stopping at my house. This time I was greeting at the top of the first incline by a kindly looking man probably in his mid sixties. He and some other neighbors standing in his yard shouted out for me to keep up the good work. He said you know just going around this block is three quarters of a mile. I said I know I do this walk a few times a day. He shouted back "We know. This neighborhood is proud of you and what you are accomplishing. Keep up the good work." I said thanks and kept going. I was a little surprised. A few houses more a lady brought me a bottle of water out to the road. She said keep it up you're doing great. Did I miss something? I am not participating in a marathon, I'm just walking in my neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago another couple had said they were glad to see me back out walking that they had wondered why I had stopped after last fall. Uh, it's cold weather. I don't do cold weather. I do the mall or treadmill but I don't walk in snow and definitely with my phobia's not on ice. My neighborhood is watching me and supporting me. Why? Don't really know and couldn't really tell you unless they are sad that the biggest loser is over for the season and I am their own personal television set. I think it's nice either way. You see over the last four weeks and four days I have lost twenty-six pounds. I have a ton of weight to lose yet. But today the pants which use to be tight on me only a few weeks ago i had to pin at the top with a safety pin because I was afraid they would fall to my feet. Guess I will be needing a new wardrobe if it keeps up. I hope it does. I have faith it will. It's what I want. I want my life back. I can't believe I let it get away from me in the first place. Life is precious and short. My uncle that lost his wife the last week of March just lost his best friend this past week too. It makes you think. There isn't time to waste. I want to live my life to my best now. I want the weight off and I have every intention of getting it off. Vomiting and starving and surgeries are not for me. The first two I can't support. The third one I think good for you if you are one of those people it works for, but it's not for me. So I'll keep walking as long as I can. My ankle was killing me today! I'll push myself and as soon as it's all done I'll post pictures of my journey that started in November of 2007, stalled for a little bit and then hit the trails hard yet again. I'm thankful my neighbors are supporting me. Everyone needs a support system and in today's day and age I just think it's awesome that people who most of them don't even know my name are encouraging me and cheering for me. Guess you just never know who's watching...

PS.. Second walk tonight was one hour seventeen minutes and 3.44 miles. It was 7545 steps.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Grandmother's Wisdom...

Growing up in my family was definitely a life full of love. I had wonderful parents and multiple other influences to guide me. One of my most memorable was my grandmother Lula. Lully as her family and her friends called her. She and I were exactly fifty-nine years apart in age. We were both born on June 27 at a quarter till midnight. She sadly died when I was sixteen years old in 1983 from an unknown illness that had kept her in the hospital for many months. To this day I recall walking into that hospital the day after Thanksgiving and having my uncle tell us my grandmother had died. Well, at least her brain had died. Machines kept her heart beating and blood coursing through her veins. My grandmother had always been a stout lady. My aunt told me I needed to go in and see my grandmother to say good bye. I did. To this day I regret that. The woman lying in that bed wasn't the stout figure of a woman I remembered. This woman was very thin and very frail. There were so many tubes and wires hooked up to her. Her body twitched as the machine pumped life into her body. Her eyelids fluttered. It wasn't a picture I would wish to keep with me for the rest of my life and to tell you the truth I believe it was what sent me into a rather deep depression for many years to follow that. It was what it was though. It's the past. Something none of us can change and something we may not want to change if we could see how differently our lives would be, perhaps we have the correct and better path. My grandmother had always seemed to be quiet happy; however, I often wonder now as a grown up if that wasn't just a show for when people where there. I mean she lived in a holler with her grown son, who was mentally not quiet right. She saw friends on occasion and for the most part she kept a garden, stabled horses, sold eggs and made quilts. The most gorgeous quilts. Either way I remember hearing her say on more than one occasion that people need to enjoy life while they have their health because nothing matters if you don't have your health. She was so wise. She was always saying something that I wish I had kept a journal and written it all down. So much wisdom. So much I would love to ask her now if only I could. Today took me back to that time. Took me back to her saying your health is everything. I don't know if I had food poisoning today (Monday) or what. Perhaps my body was just revolting because I broke the diet this past weekend that I had stuck to for over four weeks. A diet high in protein, light in sodium and breads. I took a weekend and let myself eat regular foods. Perhaps my body was telling me no. What ever the reason today was rough. I wanted to get an extra walk in because it was so gorgeous, but that wasn't to be in the cards. I did manage to get one in though. Lately since I have been exercising and dieting I have been feeling so much healthier and better, but today I felt like my life was dwindling. I was having severe abdominal pain and nausea. I just wanted to get home and sleep. I did make it home and I did feel better but I am still not doing great and it's going to be a long night. I suppose it's just one of those lessons reaching out to tell me to appreciate it when I can. Appreciate when I feel good and the weather is nice. Today wasn't the greatest, but there are others who have it a lot worse. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day and yes grandma I do appreciate the days when I feel well.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Until tonight, Friday night that is, I had never once actually played any of the Wii system games. I had watched other people but I had never actually participated. To tell you the truth I wasn't sure what all the fuss was about. Then the other day on Ellen I saw a fitness package that you can buy to work with this system and I thought that looks like a good way to exercise and have some fun all at the same time. Well tonight at my friend Vincents house I got the opportunity to play some of the games for the first time and that is it. I'm hooked. I want one. I loved it and for those that don't know I am highly competitive when it comes to doing things like this. There is no sitting on the sofa for me and just going through the motions. I'm up and I'm moving and I'm extremely vocal. I like getting my head into the game and going through all he motions of reacting as if you are actually there. Below is a picture from the scores from my bowling match. I am the pink female and as you can see I got pretty lucky at bowling. There is no way I could bowl that high a score in a real bowling alley though. It was a heck of a lot of fun though. Have you tried out the Wii? What are your favorite games?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

For the Love of a Storm

Nope I didn't take this photo, didn't see a name tagged to it, but nice shot.
Even though I am just like everyone else and I don't really care for the devastation and destruction that storms can leave in their path; I have loved watching and listening to storms every since I could remember. There is just something magical and mysterious about them. Yes, I have watched "Twister" more times than I care to really admit to. It's one of my all time favorite movies. I love the way the air feels after a storm has passed through. It's such a clean and refreshing feeling. For whatever reason storms always lead me down memory lane too. Tonight is no different. As I was listening to the wind and the thunder I couldn't help but go back in time to a more innocent surrounding. Memories flooded my mind of when I was little and my mother would be ironing my dad's clothes. I had this little ironing board and iron and I would get it out and iron towels, doll clothes and rags. I wanted to be just like my mother when I grew up. Funny how differnt from her I turned out to be. I also don't believe how little irons play in the role of life today. I mean she always seemed to be ironing, yet I bet you over the last ten years I haven't used mine more than half a dozen times, maybe a couple more. There were also the nights when mom would read to us because we couldn't watch television with an electrical storm going on. If not reading she might play a game of go fish or old maid with us. For whatever reason storms do take me back in time. Back to a more innocent time. A time when storms may have been scary, but mom soothed and calmed the fears. Over time I got to where I didn't fear storms. I came to understand if it isn't my time to go then the storm won't hurt me and if it is there is no avoiding it. Just a sort of acceptance and understanding that God will take care of me and my life will play out exactly as it's meant to be. So I love storms. I love to sit and watch them and would love to have a big wrap around porch that I could sit out on at night and watch them. How about you? Do you admire the beauty of the beast?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

More of God's Art Work

Took this picture just a little while ago and couldn't help but think that even though it looks like it's ugly weather a coming... what a beautiful picture God painted. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Neither Pain or Rain

So yesterday, Wednesday, after finishing my merchandising in Churubusco, I hurried home and changed and got my walking shoe's, my Walkman, my timer watch and my umbrella and hurried out the door. It looked like it was going to come a down pour at anytime. My ankle hurt from having hurt it a week ago. Still hasn't healed, may have to break down and see a doctor. I felt queasy and nauseous and just a slight bit light headed. I know my body was telling me I really needed to get something to eat, but I wanted to get my walk in and I needed to beat the rain. So out I took thinking the whole time would one day really matter that much if I missed my walk; however, realizing thinking like that is self-defeating I walked on. I'm also very glad I did. About half way through my walk my mood picked up and I started feeling better and out of no where I smelled something so comforting. This smell was so familiar and I loved it! It dawned on me I was smelling lilac bushes in full bloom. I looked around and sure enough. I've lived in this neighborhood for almost ten years and just realized there are lilac bushes on some of the properties. I know I'm a little slow. I have always loved the aroma from these bushes and I think they are so beautiful. Of course that is probably partially because Purple and yellow are my favorite colors and they are of course purple. When I was growing up my brother and I and the neighborhood children would play in this big field near our home. It had lilac bushes all up and down it. So I suppose it also sent me back momentarily to childhood. Either way the walk was wonderful and I got something to eat afterwards and felt much much better. Have you started your summer walk program yet?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

*** A Sign of Respect ***

Thinking back to September 11, 2001, a day I doubt any of us who were around on that day will forget, I recall how many American flags were being purchased and displayed. Everyone wanted to show American pride and support those families who had lost a loved one. Some people had old flags they brought out if they couldn't find any to purchase or were too poor to go buy new. Everywhere Americans were showing their support of our beloved country. Even window decals and stickers began to emerge. I loved that. I didn't even care if these people knew the correct way to display them. It didn't bother me if their flags had torn due to age. I understood they were doing what they could. Some companies refused to allow their employees to put flags out. I thought that a disgrace and was very pleased that not only did our company display them, but they handed them out to employees. I understand there may be people in our country who are not a fan of our flag. I don't care if they fly their own or do their own thing. I don't think I give a rats hind end though if they get offended at my flag or at my religion. I say if you're in our country you respect our flag. If you can't our country should deport your ass back to your own country. Again I respect their rights as long as they don't stomp on mine. They don't have to say the pledge of allegiance (With UNDER GOD in it, only way I'm saying it) but they do have to be quiet and not cause an uproar when God fearing American citizens do show their respect. There is a whole new topic of Removing God from things. I say God was here first. People who don't want to worship him or see his name on money or hear his name in schools should get over it and if you don't want your money please send it to me. I figure there are far more of us that want him in our lives than those who don't. Again.. doesn't mean I think they have to agree, but as I can put up with their religion and their rights and even attend ceremonies with their religious rights displayed and respect their rights to do so, they should be able to respect mine. If they are so unhappy with America's religious freedoms let them move to another country and see how free they are to practice their religion there. You might say Merle Haggard and I have a feeling in common. If you need to know what I mean listen to his song, "Fighting Side of Me."

What started me to thinking about this was that on Saturday as I was driving to school I saw the huge flag on Coliseum was flying at half-staff. I sent a text message to a friend to see if he knew why. For anyone who doesn't know this is usually a sign of death of someone of importance. What I noticed though was that no other business around there were. I thought perhaps it was someone with the car company that died. I looked on Wane TVs WEB though and found out that Ed Rousseau was being laid to rest on Saturday. He was a government official who had retired I believe it said in the earlier part of this decade. So that explained it to me, but it did not explain why the other business's were not honoring the man. I looked then to see if I could find what the rules or customs regarding when the flag should or should not be flown at half-staff. Here is what I found:
  • Peace Officers memorial Day, May 15Th (sunrise to sunset)
  • Memorial Day, Last Monday in May (sunrise to noon)
  • Patriot Day, September 11Th (sunrise to sunset)
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7Th (sunrise to sunset)

Only the President and state Governors can decide when and how long the flag can be flown at half-staff and here are some other's that are normally observed:

  • For thirty days after the death of a president or former president.
  • Ten days after the death of a vice president, chief of justice or retired chief of justice, or speaker of the house of representatives.
  • Until the burial of an associate justice of the Supreme Court, secretary of a military department, a former vice president, or governor of a state.
  • On the day of and the day after the death of a member of Congress.

These aforementioned observations are orders of the president and are intended to be followed by all business's that fly flags. There are no rules or regulations that prohibit business from honoring a family member killed in military service or even flying at half-staff for the loss of one of their own employees. It is recommend that business who choose to do this though display some type of signage explaining their reasoning for flying the flag at half-staff. I just hope if this car dealer ever decides to leave this location that our city will take up the cause of this great flag. I love to look at it and I have found if I'm lost on some street in Fort Wayne I can always see it and I know if I drive towards it I will find Coliseum. A flag is a sign of respect for our country. A love of who we are and where we came from. I love this beautiful flag our city has. I hope it waves forever more.

Snake in the Gr.. uh Path

Saturday while taking a walk on my lunch break at work, I walked the paths surrounding the building as I always do. I wasn't particularly paying attention to what was in front of me and as a matter of fact I was vtexting messages to different friends while walking. So on my second pass around the building I glimpsed ahead and saw what I thought was a brown stick laying across the path. I stepped over it and heard a loud hissing sound. I turned around to see the stick had curled up. Nope guess it wasn't a stick after all. After my heart started beating again I noticed the little guy was running off. Apparently he wasn't in the mood to put up with me either and was a little more than annoyed I had disturbed his rest period. I quickly snapped these two photo's of the little guy as he left. I think I'll call him Sammy the snake. No reason, just went through my head. Perhaps I speak snake and that is what he told me. I dunno. I do know I went on along my walk and was very careful from there forward to watch my step. The little guy was probably eighteen to twenty-four inches long and about 1/4Th to 1/2 inches thick. I don't have a clue what kind of snake he was and although it made for a little excitement and I was working on getting my heart rate up, I hope he's made his last visual appearance on my behalf.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

And The Question Is?

Kind of feels like you're on Jeopardy doesn't it? Well, I know no one asked, but I
thought I would share another "product" I love love love love love.
Bath & Body Works has a product line called "Signature Products". I like several of these products, but I love the Moonlight path and the Warm Vanilla and sugar. They have a lovely assortment of products ranging from hand soaps and hand sanitizers, lotions, shampoos and even cologne and body sprays in these scents. They are basically the products I use the most. I don't get in there enough though. Actually I can't go in there very often. Limited funds and money would be spent I really don't need to spend. I do love their products though. Currently I'm out of my Warm Vanilla and Sugar Body butter, but I figure maybe later this month or next I can get in there and get some. Either way female or male there is a product for everyone and for everyone's house. The hand soaps are outstanding and they smell so delicious. If you haven't been in there why not stop in and shop a little. There is a store at Jefferson Point and there are two of these in the Glenbrook Mall. Shop, enjoy and even sample them in store before you buy. Nope you don't have to take them home to see if you like them. Mother's Day is coming up. Maybe you could get some for your mom. Since I'm not technically a mom (unless you count my dog and cat) I don't get spoiled on mothers day so no surprises for me, but such is life. What products do you enjoy from this store?

An Old Friend Returns...

Over the past few weeks I've had a lot of old comforts return to me. I mean I have been taking my walks around the work place and I get to see gorgeous scenery like the above picture. It kind of takes you a little away from it and for a while you forget that you're in Fort Wayne. Nothing has kept my mind from constantly lingering for the comforts of my favorite past time after I get off work. My dear old Dell Laptop computer. It got "hosed" up, probably by some Micro Soft software per my brother. Thank goodness he's good at this stuff and could figure it all out and help me get back to the running. Great life lesson though. As my friend Joe has stated on his blog before you really need to do back ups. Thankfully I was able to back up most of the stuff on my PC prior to turning it over to friends and family to work on. Vincent was wonderful enough to look at it and try to get it working as well. Unfortunately the only thing that worked was to take and wipe it clean and put it back to factory specifications. That is OK with me though as long as I have my buddy back. I love to come home after a long day at work and sit on the sofa and surf. Not something that is quiet as easy with my HP tower. All I can say is welcome home old friend. Welcome home and thanks guys for helping me get her back in my lap and ready for surfing.