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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Did I Blink?

OK, I had a very enjoyable two days off, but I swear I think I must have blinked because they are completely done and tomorrow, although it may be your Sunday, is my Monday. What a couple of days I had though. I loved it, but I was busy. Got off work at 4am on Friday, came home fed the pets, walked the dog and went to bed. Got up at 10:55AM and met a friend at Sam's club to start a early afternoon of shopping. We did an early lunch and talked. I can't help but admire her strength and courage. She has been having problems for almost a year now with her eyes with a disease I had never heard of until she got it. It's called Blepharospasm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blepharospasm This disease causes a persons eyes to get to a point where they have problems keeping their eyes open. They for all intensive purposes have moments of blindness. There is absolutely nothing they can do to keep this from occurring. They simply can't keep their eyes open. They have problems with bright light and sun too. My friend has taken to wearing dark shaded glasses even at night for her problem. Yet she finds a way to be a mother of three boys. I watched her the other day making them lunch by feeling her way around the refrigerator and kitchen. She really is a remarkable human being. She's even found a way to hold down a job and help her family stay afloat. I don't know that I could do that if I were her. After dropping her off I went about going to the bank and running errands. Late evening consisted of dinner with friends and then shopping for a birthday gift for another friend. To say the least I was exhausted. Did that stop me from doing it again today. No. Not quiet as busy, but somewhat. Lunch with mom and dad. Watched my niece and nephew for a while. Shopping. When I met my mom and dad at Golden Corral today I got there ahead of them. I watched a young couple in the parking lot. They couldn't have been over twenty years old and it was very apparent that one she was really really really pregnant and two they had been fighting. I felt more for him than her though. He kept stroking her hair and hugging her. He even pulled her face to his and kissed her. Nothing from her. Her arms hung at her side and she turned away from him and wiped tears away. Then they got in their car and drove away. I know my friend Joe says he often wonders what the story behind is of people. A part of me indulged in that same thought process. Then after all my store shopping for two weeks worth of groceries I realized I had lost my work ID card off my purse. Sheer panic struck every nerve and I spent the next two hours going to every place I had been and retracing my steps. Of course it was the last place I had to go. Which makes one wonder why would one say: "It was the last place I looked?" I mean who looks for something after they have found it? But in my case it was the last place that it could have possibly been because it was the last place I had been today. Thank goodness it was there. They had it. Hallelujah! Then it was home to pay bills and be depressed at how poor I am and how I really should have taken the over time offered tonight to pay off some debt, but I really do need rest too. Now laundry has been getting my attention in the late hours of my night. Exciting weekend? No. Busy? Yes. In case you are wondering... Yes that is my eye and the dog below is my dog Princess. So let me ask you again since it's now time for bed and the work week is beginning. Did I blink?

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Ida said...

our health system is out of control. i read your blog a few days ago and this touched a nerve with me. what is going on with her is not right. she needs better health care and not where she has to travel to it. then she cant qualify for medicad for one reason or another. all i know is they are all bs in my mind. i pay high taxes. most of my check is taken by taxes. why cant the working poor that are barely making it not be able to get what they need. medicad. better health coverage across the board. ugh. you have to almost if not hire a lawyer to get what you deserve. its all bull. sigh.... now i wish i had gone to law school. i would fight for my friend and people that are in her same spot.