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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not Your Ordinary Kentucky Fried Chicken

Ordinary, not quiet! If you're like me KFC is not your favorite place to eat. It is one of my dad's favorite restaurants in this town though. Along with a friend that likes to go there and my brother. I could go a lifetime and never set foot in there and I'd be happy. Let's not even begin with the fact that it's greasy, but it's loaded with salt. Salt as you may or may not know is my number one enemy. So, when my dad wants to go there, I would go regardless to be with my family, we usually go to the KFC located on East State, 3816 E. State St, to be exact. The reason we go to this particular one is because it is partnered with AW, Inc. A&W restaurants are popular in some parts of the state, but not many people realize we actually have one in Fort Wayne. To realize this, you would have to know it's housed inside the KFC on State. They are partnered to give variety at this one store. The restaurant on the inside has old artwork and a sixty's jukebox to try to help give it a sort of soda shop feel. And as one might assume you can

get a frosted mug of A&W root beer to wash down your favorite foods. They offer a variety of burgers and fries as well as onion rings. Now if you don't want the burger variety the KFC does offer the usual KFC Fair, up to and including a daily buffet. The buffet is all inclusive in price. You get a drink and a meal. Oh and if you happen to be a senior fifty-five years or older be sure to ask for your free soft drink no matter what you order and your discount if you happen to order the buffet. So there you have it. Two restaurants in one. Check it out today!

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