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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

John Edward

OK, so I have received a couple of very interesting emails as of late regarding my choice of authors as my favorite author. I chose John Edward because he is my favorite author. I get great comfort from reading his books and have read a couple of them several times. I thought today I would just take a moment and clarify which John Edward I am talking about. I am not referring to the one who is known for his political association with the democratic party. I don't even know if he's written any books. I am referring to the one that has a television show and is revered as a "psychic-medium".

Now, to also clarify things I am not really sure if I believe or do not believe John Edward can really talk to the dead. I have not really come to a conclusion on that. I think for me to believe I would have to have my own reading and he would have to tell me something awfully convincing that no one else should know. I'm skeptical by nature even though I have had a few of my own dealings with the supernatural or unexplainable as it may be. What I do know though is I do not have to be a believer in what he professes to do to enjoy the words written in his books. His books make me want to review my own life and they somehow give me comfort when otherwise I might not have any. I love the idea of what he writes about and about how it does make me think long and hard about what may or may not be in my future.

Also to clarify. I believe in God and all power of everything belongs to God and is with God and should be glorified with God. I am not, nor do I see how I could take anything away from Him by reading these books. I just feel every one's relationship with God is their own. We all have to find our own peace with Him.

That being said. I would like to recommend that if you have some time and want to read something that will make you examine the way you think. You might pick up one of his non-fiction books. He does have fiction books that do that as well though. My favorite book by him that I have read several times is "What if God Were the Sun". I highly recommend this book. Every page kept me wanting for more and the ending was totally something I didn't see coming.

Keep the emails coming. I'm always happy to answer questions.

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ida said...

i dont know if he can talk to the dead or not. personally, sometimes i think i do talk to my mom now and then. it sounds nuts, but i really do feel a connection to her even though she is not with us anymore. i think if edwards books make you feel good when you read them then why not. we dont get many chances in life to feel good.