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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 11, 1962

**************Dewey & Irene*****************

This is my own version you might say of "Meet The Parents". Dewey and Irene are my mom and dad. August 11, 1962 is the day they were married. They were both born and raised in a little town called Pippa Passes, Kentucky. My dad was born in 1940 To Lula Ann and Pearlie and my Mom was born in 1942 to Arland and Jezzie. These two literally grew up around each other. They lived in the same holler. Now some of you may or may not know what a holler is, so let me explain, it's simply a road that goes back in a mountain. My mom was a Baptist ministers daughter and was the oldest of her mothers seven children. There were sixteen in all if you don't count miss-carriages in my mothers family though. Her mother was my grandfathers second wife. His first wife left him and his eight children to fend for themselves while she was pregnant with his ninth child. My dad was the fourth child out of six in his family. My dad's father died when he was only six years old and my grandmother never remarried. My mom and dad have several stories of their dating years. Including a story of when my mother was twelve years old and my dad kissed her. She didn't speak to him for months. I guess you see that wasn't really appropriate behavior. My mother also has fun telling stories of a time dad dated one of her cousins whom mom didn't think was very pretty and had a mustache. I love listening to all their stories.

Whatever it was that pulled them together I am very happy it did. They are a shining example of a wonderful marriage. I am very blessed to have them for parents. They are also great at being grandparents. They celebrate family and hold dear the holidays and times spent with family. They play with their grand kids and do things like trick or treating with them. They have old fashioned ideas that I believe the world could use more of. So on this Monday, August 11Th they celebrated their 46Th wedding anniversary and I thank God for that every day. They are my hero's one might say. Happy Anniversary to my mother and dad. I hope you enjoyed meeting my parents.

Oh yes, and for those that are curious. This would be me. If some day I can find half the happiness my parents had with someone I will truly be blessed.

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ida said...

i think aug 11 is a very special day for a wedding. my aunt and uncle have been married for 65 years and that was their wedding aniversary too. your parents are very special people that i will always respect and love. tell them congrads from ida. love your pic. you look very cute.