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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is It Bad When There are Parts You didn't Use?

Is it just me or is there anyone else out there that would like to see items come all ready assembled? And what is up with the directions these days? I mean the directions anymore are little pictures and if you're lucky they are numbered and sporadically they have words. I literally spent three hours putting my latest project together. I bought it through the mail, like I do a lot of things, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that it didn't come assembled. I wasn't prepared for the lack of help with the directions or the fact that a part was missing. I figured my way around the missing part though because I have put many many things together over the last thirty years. Here is the awful part too... I had this delivered to me last September. Yes, I'm a little slow at getting things done sometimes. It just doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day to do everything. So if you haven't jumped ahead to the next picture you may not be familiar with what this is. It's simply a piece of furniture to hide the cat liter, or if you chose a pets bed. It has an opening big enough that my dog or cat either one can get in here. Of course my dog is a schnauzer so it doesn't take a big opening for a twenty-two pound dog to get in there. I like it and it looks nice. I did have some bolts that were in there with this and a couple of washers though and for the life of me I can't tell you why they were in there. I found nothing in the picture that shows you you need them. They aren't listed on the part sheet. Maybe they were trying to adjust for the part they didn't send me? Or maybe at some in-opportune moment I'll find out the hard way what they were really for. Either way I'm pleased with it for now. In case you like what you see let me tell you that I got this at Ginny's on line home shopping store. Of course I've seen them in the JCPenny's Christmas Catalog and I'm sure there are other places that sell them too. I like Ginny's though. Well, it's been an exhausting three hours and my work isn't completely done. But if any of you want to chime in and let me know if it's bad that I have parts that I have no clue where they go... Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line.

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ida said...

ok sheila i got you beat. i got blinds that i have had since june07, paint for the bathroom from july or aug 07...and i just put my excerise bike together from aug/sept 07 back in may or june this year. sigh. no wonder i have had you for a friend since 2nd grade. and yes, ginneys seems to be a pretty good catalog. i havent used it but have seen quite a few go threw the mail.