Why I'm here....

Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Stupid Does Coke Think It's Consumers Are?

Although I've always been an avid campaigner for people to save their Coke Rewards and I've used them for my niece and nephew and a couple of times for myself to get things, I'm starting to reconsider. A month ago I received an email from Coke stating they have heard our cries and they are giving us what we want. They are making it easier for us to get our coke rewards into the system and they have decided to remove the limit to the number of codes you can enter in a day. Before you could enter 10 codes of any denomination. Meaning either 3 point caps or 10 point cartons. So you could enter up to 10 per day and no more. That means if they were 3 point caps your max in a week was 210 points and if you entered all cartons at your max you could enter 700 points per week. So Coke did what it promised as far as removing the daily limit, but what the email didn't tell you is that they imposed a point limit for the week. Yep, they put their new system in and decided that 120 points is the max for the week and it resets every Monday at midnight. So instead of making things better for it's consumer as they stated they were doing - they made if worse. A Lot worse and almost to the point that it makes one wonder why bother. Maybe I should defect back to Pepsi. Ah, but Pepsi upsets my stomach, so there is the rub. I'm not a math wizard, but I can see that Coke didn't do anything but hurt it's consumers on their promotional gimmick in their favor. I wouldn't mind if they said for the sake of the fact that we're under an economical crunch we are having to impose a limit, but give me a break, doing it for us? I don't think so. Coke better wise up. It's consumers are not stupid and they don't really appreciate the lie. Just my opinion though. What is yours?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Might Have Been.

Robert Frost (March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963)

Everyone thinks about this at some point in life or another whether they say they do, admit to it or not. Last night was a reflection in my mind on what might have been. I do have one true love. Someone I loved with all my heart and soul and still do. Just couldn't live with him and his love of drugs and alcohol. His other short comings I could have lived with because even though some of my friends thought I was crazy to even attempt to be with him, he had a side to him I don't think any of them ever got to see. There was a side that when it was just him and me that was so real and was someone I could have spent forever with. To tell you the truth too I can't really blame him with his parents for turning out the way he did. I was at his mothers house one time when she said right in front of both of her children that she wished she'd have aborted both of them or that they would commit suicide and get out of her life. What an awful thing for a mother to say. His dad was a raging alcoholic and a wife beater. He left my ex and their family for a woman that was one year older than me. He left them in Germany and ran off with her. My ex often talked about remembering seeing him drive away. An American soldier who didn't hold much respect for his family I would say and did the service no honor by being there. I met the man once. That was enough to tell you he hates women. Not once in all the years I was with my ex though did he ever show a violent side. Never raised a hand and hated to argue. I just couldn't take the drunk in him. Until you've put a drunk to bed and had to clean up after him or talk him out of some delirium at 2am in the morning because he's forgotten where he is and asks you where your children are - that you don't have.... don't judge. I got to where a life alone sounded better. He wanted his freedom to party and I finally gave it to him. I saw him two summers ago. He wanted to pick things back up. We were in Meijers and he said come over to the house for a cook out and we can talk. I almost did. My heart was there. Then standing there he opened the pain medication he was picking up for his mother poured several into his pocket, said she will never miss them and put the cap back on and put it back in the bag. Red flags and alarms and bells and whistles everywhere were sounding. I declined the invitation and never called the number he gave me. Last night though in my dreams I was in the reality that could have been. One might think that makes you sad, but somehow it didn't. Somehow it just made me smile. Maybe some other life will take me down that road. Either way I am happy with my life today. Somehow always knew this is where my life was headed. My favorite poem of all times is:

"The Road Not Taken" by: Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood,

and I—I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

"Sure I think about you now and then But it's been a long, long time I've got a good life now, and I've moved on So when you cross my mind...I try not to think about what might have been Cause that was then And we have taken different roads We can't go back again There's no use givin in And theres no way to know What might have been" Little Texas

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's in a View?

I've lived in eight different residence in my forty plus years of life. Some of them I was more fond of than others, but one thing I always wanted and always liked in some of the places is the view from within the house. I hate dark houses. I hate not being able to go to a window and being able to see all kinds of things. The trailer I lived in prior to moving to this house had no view what so ever. It had a lot more room though. I mean in it I had two bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room, dining room, kitchen and a living room. I had storage space galore. I also had a shed with it. Then I moved to my current address where I live in a duplex with my parents. They live on one side and I live on the other. Here I have a heated screened in porch that I use for an extra room, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The only closets in my section are in the bedroom, so there isn't much on storage space. I do keep some stuff in the shed we have but not a lot. I do enjoy being next door to my parents. I get to see them and spend a lot of time with them and even on the days where I may not see them, there is just something comforting about them being next door. Either way the one thing I didn't like about the trailer was that I couldn't see anything. There was a trailer behind me and one in front of me so even if I went to look out the window I saw trailers. The thing I love about where I am now is I can see in either direction pretty much as far as I like. I have a view that when I look out I can see something other than buildings. A lot of time I can even see wildlife. I love to sit and watch the squirrels play and the deer. There is something relaxing about sitting on my sofa and watching it snow, even though I am fed up with and quite through with snow this year. Yes I think definitely that I like the view best from where I live now. It's just a lot of who I am. I love to sit on my little patio in the summer and just feel the evening breeze. I love being at home. I literally would have no problem being a hermit. I mean I could go weeks without seeing anyone and be fine. I also love peace and quiet so I know it would take a while to get to me. Some of my fondest days are when I've gone no where. Never left the house and never heard the phone ring. Solitude and silence. Sigh. I do love my friends and family though so I couldn't go forever without seeing or talking to them, but I'm thinking I could take a week to just have my thoughts and never leave my house and I might just be OK with that. I know I have friends that wonder why I don't call more. It's not that I don't want to hear from them. It's just that my alone time is so far and few between that I take advantage of the quiet me time when I can find it and the other times I'm on the road either working or going to school or doing this or that. So what is in a view? Tranquility, relaxations and perhaps a little peace of mind. How is the view where you're at?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is suppose to be the day of love. I say everyday should be a day to celebrate love if you have it. I mean why just pick one day and fill it full of monetary items? Everyone should be telling the one that they love that they do so daily. Just my opinion. I also am one of those people that would prefer random acts on days with no meaning. I mean it's great when a guy buys you a present for no reason other than he loves you. Now it's been a few years since a man has done that for me, but that is OK. I have my memories and I am quiet happy with my single life. Today isn't just about those that you are in love with or a relationship with. All your loved ones should be thought of and remembered. My mom and dad both got me flowers today. The flower arrangement is from my dad and the two single pink roses from my mom. Aren't they great? My parents that is. The flowers are nice, but I love my parents. Just thought I would share. Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Galley Tradition

More Short Family tradition was carried out tonight. My dad every year likes to visit one of his favorite dinning places, called the Galley for his birthday dinner. The Galley is located in Decatur, Indiana. Every Monday and Tuesday they have an all you can eat fish and chicken buffet for $9.99 from 4PM to 8PM. If at all possible I get a personal day and my dad, mom and brother and I go for dinner. We also do this again in August for my parents wedding anniversary. My dad loves the fish here and thinks it's the best. I think it's good. A lot of people must agree with my dad though in as it's always busy. The atmosphere is as you might expect from the name. It's decked out to be the galley of a boat and there is even a little boat where the salad bar is actually located. I go for the family time since family means everything to me. Today I really have not felt that well. Still trying to get well and still afraid to eat almost everything since I don't know what it is that is causing these episodes of rashes and swelling. I doubt I was the best of company tonight but I tried to go and have fun. I actually feel better now than I did earlier today though. With the economy the way it is these days I am hopeful that places like the Back Forty and the Galley can hang in here through the economic slump. There are a few of the "special" places that we don't go that often. Sometimes these types of places have a tendency to go away. Memories we hold forever in our heart though. So if you get an opportunity and don't mind the drive down twenty-seven to Decatur you may want to check out the Galley and their Fish. Whether for buffet or just a sandwich it's a nice little get away from the day to day. It's also part of a family tradition. One my dad really looks forward to and I'm glad I get to be a part of. Again I don't know how my brother and I got so lucky, but we have truly been blessed with the most wonderful parents that children could ever ask for.

A Cookie Cutter Life

It won't come as a shock to anyone if I say life can really beat you down sometimes. Especially in these days of people being so fearful of the economy and a younger generation that doesn't recall what it was like to try and help your fellow human being get a step up in life. It seems it's all about me these days. No I don't mean me personally but when you talk to people they don't talk about how they can help others or how they can help each other, but more and more what do I do to make sure I get further than anyone else. Anyone remember when the logic (and it worked) was help each other and it helps you to get along too? Anymore the working world and society in general seem to want cookie cutter people. It's like a long row of Stepford people who can't think for themselves. Can't have tonal vocalizations any different than anyone else and heaven forbid you should have an opinion. Instead you are suppose to sit ideally by and watch the world go by while accepting anything and everything that is done to you or thrown at you. I for one don't really like the idea of lets all be the same. I like indifference in that it keeps life from getting boring. No I don't like confrontation (use to). You don't have to be confrontational to have an opinion. Either way this year I am trying to just go by undetected on the radar of most people. I don't intend to help for the most part unless I have to. I know that sounds so selfish, but I am so tired of trying to help and being labeled and outcast for it. It doesn't do much good to try and warn people anyway. They don't listen and then even have the nerve to try to make it out to be your fault or something you do when the very thing you tried to warn them of bites them in the rear. So I sound cynical I suppose. Don't get me wrong I won't refuse my friends of family help if they want it. I'm just going to try not to bring anything to anyone's attention. I'm tired and warn to the part that it's starting to have serious medical ramifications. I'm not as strong as I one time was. Maybe I'll get back there but for now I just need some low key and non evasive living. But not cookie cutter. I am afraid if you keep looking for me to fit that cookie cutter mold you're going to be straining your eyes. I was not born of cookie cutter material. Not in my stock. Maybe we'll find some median ground? I dunno. I just know that it's been a long week and a long year and it's only February 10Th. Wow. What do you think? Do you like the cookie cutter lifestyle? Know anyone who tries to be the head baker? Get this and read it twice. Life won a long time ago. Everyone else needs to get a number and get in line. Just my opinion though.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my dads sixty-ninth birthday and no we didn't take him to Chuckie Cheese. This picture was taken at my nephew's party this past November. He's a great dad and I couldn't let the day go by without letting the whole world know that.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More on Me..

In case you don't get the picture above this is what my whole body pretty much looked like at one time or the other last night. I had another reaction of some type and my body broke out in sporadic rashes, welts and swelling. This is the second time in less than a year I've had one of these episodes and although this one didn't swell me as badly as the last one, it has definitely by far been the worst of the two. You see I kept the swelling and stuff down as much as I could by taking Benadryl. Learned that from the last time. I just want to know at this point what is going on with my body. Yesterday I was having chest pain and nausea, so I went to my doctors office. They told me I have a respiratory infection and that is what is causing the chest pain. Then about two hours after I returned from work my lips started swelling and these rashes with welts started. I itch from head to toe. It also made me extremely tired and fatigued. Frightened by this happening again I called my doctor, who yes did call me back at around 10pm. He told me to keep taking the Benadryl and I only needed to go to the hospital if my tongue started to swell and my breathing became an issue. So I was back at the doctors office this morning. They gave me a shot of Pregnazone to help with the itching and swelling. They then took six tubes of blood to test for all types of stuff. So they are testing my urine and my blood to see if they can figure out what is going on with me. Let me tell you there are kinds of easy, non-complicated options; however there are just as many scary ones that I will be biting my nails for the results to come back for. Either way with all the medicines I pretty much slept through today. I think my body needs rest badly. I didn't eat anything until after 9pm tonight and that was cereal. Now I just feel like going back to sleep. Yippee. Either way like the picture I'm leaving at the end of this posting, right now I just feel like a reflection of who I am. Tired and warn down and for the first time really ever sharing the journey with family and friends as I go. Will let you know when I do what is causing it. I am personally thinking it's either a build up of toxins from all the medicines they have had me on or it's food allergies. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life Without Junk Mail

OK, so with the post office talking about the possibility of removing one of their days people have been talking about different aspects of the post office and how it would or would not affect them. One conversation has been about junk mail. Even at dinner last night with friends junk mail was brought up. So I wonder how many people really understand the larger picture of life without junk mail. The way I see it is that most people only think it would affect the post office staff. I think everyone needs to really rethink that. There is this little thing called 'the ripple effect'. I mean think long and hard about it. Doing away with Junk mail would unemploy the advertising people who come up with it. It would unemploy the people who print it and the people who pack it and ship it to companies to get it ready to mail out. Along with all the people who research the market to which it will be mailed and even the group that they often have to test the mailings out on to see what the reaction to it is. So we are not talking about just the postal staff here. Let us not forget the supervisors who have to supervise all these employees that are no longer needed and the graphic designers who come up with the designs that will get printed to go along with the slogans or the selling points. Then there are the customer service representatives who will no longer be needed to answer the calls from the none-existent phone calls coming in from the flyer's. Lets not forget the sales people who might put in orders from this stuff or the people who won't be needed to fill those orders or install the products. So you see next time you are thinking you really hate all the junk mail that you get, perhaps you might want to think about this... How will it affect your job or someone in your family's? Just a thought.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's In A Dream?

So, I've spoken of dreams in my blog before. I have mentioned that there are informational dreams and how these are our minds way of trying to work through things. Last night I had what I felt was an information dream. At least I think. You see I do dream things that come true. But to the best of my knowledge last nights dream was just my minds way of trying to clear up fears and frustrations. The dream all took place at my aunt Bonnie's house. She lives in a house on the hillside in Pippa Passes, Kentucky. She's a wonderful woman Who is probably in her late 70's I would imagine. I'm not really sure. The house has two flights of stairs on the hillside to walk up to get to the porch. Then there is this wonderful porch on the front where we use to sit when we were children with our feet dangling over the side as the elder people sat on chairs and porch swings and told tails of strange things that happened as they grew up. There is one story they told over and over of my mothers dad (He was a Baptist minister) being outside with a group of people and they all saw it. Three times a white sheet looking thing went across the sky and cried like a baby. Then three weeks in a row three different church members died. So many stories attached to that house. Even one of my dad before he was married to my mom going by that house where Bonnie lived with her husband. Her husband was out and Bonnie was in labor. I guess my mom lived in that house for a while when she was a small girl. The house over looks a creek and behind it there is a pen for hunting dogs. Down below a garage with a stable and an apartment over it. The house sits on a road that is up the holler called "Short Fork" and the road was actually named "Short Fork Road". My family or should I say my dads family was the prominent family of the times that lived at the head of the holler. If I'm speaking Greek I'm sorry. These are just the terms they use. I guess you could say I have a lot of fond memories of that house and times there growing up. So it was no surprise that my dream last night was at that house. However inside that house was nothing like it actually is. There was a court room and a judge. I had an attorney. I have no idea what the trial was or was not about. I kept getting called out of the court room to deal with different issues. People from work were in the dream. Just passers by that wanted to know how I was doing. Which trust me to me was a little strange. Then there were people who are in my past. One was a girl named Mary whom I haven't seen in years. She and I were quiet close for years. The apartment building she use to live in on Hobson is no longer there. She had a brain tumor removed a few years back. I wonder how she is and if she's still alive and yes there is part of me that feels very guilty for not having kept up with her. She was one of the most honest people I think I've ever met. Such a loving person too. My family of course were in the dream. Normal life and living were also going on in the dream. So I woke up in the middle of the night (kidney infection) and when I laid back down and went back to sleep I went right back into the dream. My minds way of telling me I needed to finish the dream. Yet it's not done with me still. I have thought about that dream all day. I think what it is trying to tell me is that I need to let go of regrets. I need to realize for once in my life that I am human. The same thing I keep telling other people all the time. I can't go back. None of use can. I can't change yesterday to be the way I wish it were. I can only work on going forward. I can only work on making tomorrow better and work on making sure that those in my life realize that yes life gets busy, but I do hold them in my heart today and always. Our dreams talk to us. Our subconscious often knows things that our conscious mind isn't willing to admit to. We can grow from listening to them. A good way to remember dreams is to keep a pen and paper near your bed. When you wake write down everything you remember. Our dreams really can guide us. What are your dreams trying to tell you?