Why I'm here....

Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

OHIO State-IU Game Decided By Referees

For the longest time now I have a ritual of watching IU Basketball with my dad if I am off. Today was no different. We set up and prepared to watch IU, knowing that we would probably be watching them lose. They have after all lost the last ten. Dumes whom I have slammed in a previous blog has played much better since that game that I spoke of, yet he still continues to make stupid mistakes. Especially in the last game according to my dad. Dad said he got them beat. If there is one thing I won't argue with my dad on it's basketball because he really knows his sport. Now what I'm about to say is not meant to slam Ohio State. I think they are a great basketball club and I enjoy watching them play. What I didn't enjoy today was watching what was obviously one of the worst refereeing jobs I've ever seen. At least where it came to calling things against Indiana and in favor of Ohio State. There was an obvious goal tend which should have given IU two points that didn't get called. HELLO you can't touch the ball when it's on the RIM. Refereeing 101 anyone? Then there was a foul (there were two of them, but only one I saw) called against Roth (IU #2) on a three point shot where it was also again obvious that he never touched the guy. But lets give Ohio State the opportunity to go to the line. What the heck. Then there was the three point shot that Roth was fouled by an Ohio State player and they called a foul on Roth???????? What is wrong with this picture. What I wonder is does the NCAA watch these things and do anything or do they just sit back and say "Oh, well the referees were obviously Ohio State fans. Better luck next time." Either way the game was a lot of fun to watch. Roth was on fire shooting three point shots and he set the school record for them in a game and the freshman record over all. That guy is insane to watch. Lets not forget some other amazing plays by other players today as well made for a lot of fun in watching. Whether IU wins or loses though, the one thing no one who watches can deny is that those kids play with a lot of passion. They never give up even when it seems hopeless and I think any team that wants to beat them better be doing it now, because next year they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. As for Ohio State, congratulations on your win, but I think it would have been a lot more fun to have won it without the help of such lousy officiating. Of course it's just my opinion.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Impossible Dream

As many of us know every move you make in life is watched and judged. Some of us are watched more closely than others, probably because we have a tendency to believe that our opinions should matter. Now notice I said should. That doesn't mean they do. Often times our opinions are taken as aggressive behavior. They are taken as wrong doing or trouble making in progress. No matter how noble our intentions we fall off that pedestal that either others or ourselves have placed us on. So can you imagine running for an office such as President of the United States of America? I am in constant amazement at the over whelming amount of people and articles that are constantly looking to find fault with him. Get a clue people, he's human. He's not going to be perfect, because no human is. Here is the kicker though. How many of these people trying to tear him down and find fault with him could have a faultless enough record to become President of the United States of America? You heard me. I mean do you understand and realize what an extensive back ground check goes into this before they can take this office? Do you understand that his entire life from birth up is placed under a microscope? Not to mention his family's life? And what an inspiration anyone taking that office could be to the rest of us if we open our eyes. I mean they stand up and say, "This is what I believe in and I'm willing to take the abusive of people's demands for my perfection in order to see it achieved." Now there are many reasons I could never be president. Some of which I don't think ought to be aired here on the world wide web. Mostly because I do hold to one of these ideas that these great men who have held office have held. That is that I believe that I should stand up for what I believe in. I should fight for what I feel is right and even though it's painful I will do it even at the blunt of being the joke of someone elses ridicule. I will do it knowing that few will understand why or get that I'm often fighting for them. I will do it knowing that I will be outcast as aggressive and sometimes too forthright. Am I perfect. Wow I'm really about as far from perfect as they can get. Here's a kicker for people who want to get amusement on my behalf - I don't hate anyone. I am not currently angry at anyone. I hold no ill will of anyone. I honestly do wish each and every person out there a good life. So how do we achieve such greatness as Obama, Clinton, Bush, and many many others. I know I'm being judged right now for saying greatness and at least one of those names in my sentence, but think about it. Each over come the odds and overcome ridicule and public judgement to reach for their goals. Each strived for an impossible dream and grabbed the brass ring. What is your dream? What holds you back from attempting with all your might to get what you want? Is it fear of what others will think? Say? Do? Here's hoping each and everyone of you takes advantage of the freedoms provided under our flag and reaches for your own impossible dream.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Memories Come With Music

So Friday night on "Don't Forget The Lyrics" whom else but Rick Springfield would make an appearance for a rocking eighties chic? Made sense to me and what better ICON for the eighties could you pick? He had some of the most outstanding songs in my memory. What girl didn't dream of Rick Springfield showing up to take you to the prom or even just to take you out. The past year of 2008 was about me reconnecting with a side of me I had almost forgotten existed. One that allowed myself to actually have fun. This past weekend was just an extension or continuation of that in that I hooked up with friends to play games and talk. I also went out and bought Rick Springfield's new album "Venice in Overdrive." I haven't come to an over all conclusion yet on whether I like the album or not. I do like the song "What's Victoria's Secret?" It didn't satisfy my need to walk down memory lane though so I pulled out my old greatest hits CD of his. I LOVE that CD. What can be better than someone that good looking sounding that good singing. Well I could think of a couple of things, but for now it will do. What also astonishes me is how good Rick Springfield looks now for his age. On his birthday this year he will be sixty years old. Some people just preserve very well I suppose because I know I wouldn't be kicking him out any time soon. Either way you feel, if you would like to check out some clips of music from Ricks new album, visit his website at www.rickspringfield.com

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's A Cats Life.

Have you ever wondered what the phrase "It's a cats life" means? Perhaps you've never even heard it, but I have. Sometimes I think what a wonderful life, but then again perhaps not. Cats appear for all outward appearances not to give a "damn" what we humans are doing or what we want. This is my cat "Prissy" or "Ms. Priss". She is chilling on my unmade bed on top of my comforters. She's always been very prim and proper. For a cat that is. So cats put off this persona that they don't need anyone except someone to occasionally open the can of food or change their litter. They lay around in the sun or against the heater. They can sit and give you a look like "yeah, so what". But on the other hand they can also be very loving and my cat along with my dog always greats me at the door when I come home. For me though the past couple of weeks have been very stressful both personally and otherwise. I have been breaking out in little hives or rashes, which we don't know if it was from my blood pressure medicine or if it is just nerves or if something else is going on and my blood pressure has been very high for me. I'm normally not extremely high, but yesterday it was 135/97. Top number not so bad, bottom number... well let us just say I really have to get that down. I don't really feel like stroking out any time in the near future. So perhaps I need to work on being more like my cat. I mean I need to chill out. Of course I'm still walking. I need to do it more than I have been though. Perhaps I could just sit and stroke the cat and relax if life would allow it for a while too. Studies I have read have said that pets help to lower blood pressure and can often help people to live longer. Here's hoping I guess. Either way if outward appearances are all that count, then it really is a cat's life.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Ritchie & Chris!

Today, January 21st, is both my best friend - Chris, and my brother - Ritchie's birthdays. They are both very special to me. Sorry this is so late in the day, but it's been a very busy day. Love you both.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Dream So Close to Coming True

Do you think Martin Luther King would see this inauguration as part of his dream coming true? I think he might have. In a way I see it as a stepping stone; however, there are still way too many people who have no faith in equality of all. I guess we'll just see where this path takes us and hope the future gets brighter and brighter.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holy Penquins! Kirkland's in Glenbrook.

Today I spent a very enjoyable Sunday with my friend Diane. We started off walking around Glenbrook before it ever opened and then dined at TGIF. After eating we set out to do some serious window shopping. One of the spectacular sites we first saw in the mall today was the fountain outside of JCPENNY's. This is absolutely a gorgeous exhibit. Then we found our way into Payless as I was looking for some summer slipons, but no luck. Off to the upper level to one of my all time favorite stores where we spent some serious time. Kirkland's is of course the store I'm talking about. I love the stuff in this store and the fact that it's priced decently makes it just that much more fun. Below I have some pictures taken from the store. Feel free to comment or even share with me which is your favorite and if you get time check it out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dumes spells "DOOM" For Indiana

Perhaps it's just my opinion and I admittedly am no professional sportsman, but Indiana's number thirty-three Devan Dumes is of little to no help on the basketball court. My dad and I have watched several games and we can't seem to figure out why in the world Tom Crean leaves him on the court as much as he does. I actually cringe ever time he gets his hands on the ball. He should be nicknamed "Mr. Turnover" because he loses the ball so much. The sad thing is you can see potential in him so I don't know if he's just out and out clumsy or if he just doesn't have his head in the sport. Either way why he played, and I use that term loosely, thirty-two minutes of today's game is unbeknown to me. I just don't get why he's in there. Almost any of the other players are preferable to me to be on the floor. Also... Why are the Hoosiers continually running down the clock? I understand taking your time and setting up a shot; however, when you're behind you DON'T want to use all thirty-five seconds and you sure as hell don't want to have to take a desperation shot. Either way unless Dumes remembered how to play basketball and give it his all, if I were coach he'd be getting some serious bench time. Maybe instead of "Mr. Turnover" we can just start calling him "Mr. Doomsday." Maybe he'd start thinking he wants to be known that for beating the other team instead of helping get his own team beat? Sigh... Penn State won at IU for the first time ever tonight. My guess is they didn't have to. Better arrangement of players and some players that got too much bench time tonight out on the floor and this one might have been in the books as a win. Just my opinion for what it's worth!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Please Don't Label Me...

If there is one thing I am, it's tired of labels. I pretty much stated that to a group of friends this past weekend. I'm sick of all the labels. I mean people label other people gay, fat, hateful, black, white, right wing, left wing, conservative, liberal, independent... label label label. Why is it as human beings we have to constantly label everything and everyone. Why can't we just enjoy being human beings together. All equal in the eyes of God. Then if we do label why do we have to do it normally with such negativity. I mean we stereo type the hell out of everything. Little girls should play with dolls and little boys with cars. Liberals must all want to spend spend spend. It's always negative. I even have labels because of the way I am. People label me as tough because of my character. I have a tendency to speak my mind. It's not tough to me though. It's just that I live my life by a rule so to speak that people should be able to have different opinions and I should be able to talk to anyone about anything. Nothing offends me except someone using God's name in vain. So I have a tendency to think that other people shouldn't get offended. No conversation is tabu and even if I don't agree with you on your point of view I always respect your right to have a differing opinion. I may try to sway you into the light of my opinion but I respect your right to have your own. I also don't like secrets and a lot of times I don't understand why certain things would be kept secret. My mind is always going and yes I am opinionated but if you are going to label me a democrat, which is probably the closest for me, understand that you can't just lump me in there as having all the same views as the party. That wouldn't be fair. I doubt seriously if you will find a democrat that agrees with everything that gets lumped under their party or a republican that agrees with all of their party. Yet no matter what is done in the name of the party low and behold we must all be going along with it. One example. Schools and their everyone must get to win nature that is lumped under the liberal party for not wanting anyone to be told they are a loser. I don't agree with it. We need to learn to lose and win and an early age is the best time to do it. So the label doesn't necessarily fit me as democrat if we take out that factor. Now then there is tough, back to that. Since I speak my mind and have a tendency to not let people see me cry if I can help it, I get called tough or sometimes even a bitch. I take my lumps and I get up and brush myself off. It's the way it is. But tough... not always so. Just because I put that tough exterior out there doesn't mean I haven't come home from time to time and cried my eyes out. So do labels really fit? In their classic definition I would have to say I think not. Either way if people could step back and think about the label they are about to give someone and if it is appropriate it might save a lot of grief for everyone. Either way it goes I just want to know when we all just get to be human and live in harmony. Stop the nit picking and fighting and name calling. Stop crying over the spilt milk when things don't go your way. Stop trying to place blame. So many people so quick to judge, so quick to place a label that can neatly categorize a person or an issue. Last time I checked the world wasn't only black and white, but rather full of many shades of gray and blue. So please don't label me from a perception that may or may not cover the whole picture. Don't label me and I'll promise not to label you.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Last Conversation

As I woke up this morning and looked outside I noticed how beautiful everything was with the snow falling so beautifully from the sky. I'm not a fan of the weather, but I know how to appreciate it's beauty. Either way I was just over struck with a deep sadness. Last night I went over to a friends house and played cards. I had a great time. When I came home all I wanted to do was take a shower and then lay down and go to sleep; however, I always check my email. To my shock and dismay there was an email in there telling me that Jeff Germann, a supervisor I work with in Ohio had passed away. Now I have never met the man, but I have talked with him almost every day of life for the last couple of years on the phone. He seemed to me to be a fair man and I always enjoyed talking to him. It just doesn't seem right that I won't
be speaking with him again. I remember speaking with him on Tuesday before I left for my three days off. It's odd but for some reason in his voice he sounded so tired. I told him he sounded very tired. There was a note of concern in my voice at that time. Something didn't seem right to me. He told me he's always tired but such is how it is with the job he had that there was a lot going on and not much rest to be had. I told him to get some rest and I'd probably speak with him in a few days. I joked that at least I wouldn't be calling him for the next three days. He told me to enjoy my days off. A last conversation. What would one say if they knew it would be a last conversation? Reba McEntire has a song where she talks about if she had only known. Life is precious and you never know when your number comes up. I don't know what happened with Jeff because I haven't been to work yet. I will miss him though and I extend my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

"If I had only known I'd never hear your voice again I'd memorize each thing you ever said And on those lonely nights I could think of them once more Keep your words alive inside my head If I had only known I'd never hear your voice again... " From Reba's If I had only known..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Day The Music Died

Elvis Aron Presley died on August 16, 1977. I was ten years old at the time and I still remember that day clear as can be. I had this little purse (Again with the purses) that I use to carry at that time that I took the Parade article from the newspaper and folded it carefully and kept for the longest time in that purse. I still have that newspaper article. I remember being so sad. I also remember thinking I don't really even know this person so why am I so sad. I suppose it had to be because I loved his music so much at the time. Plus I was really into older movies at that time and even the new ones with the singing in them. (not so much anymore). There is a lot that I have read and remember from interviews with him and his family about Elvis. One is his deep torment at having grown up a single child after his identical twin, Jesse Garon, was stillborn. He talked about "survivor guilt" which they actually say is quite common of twins. The surviving twin wonders if they took all the nourishment and kept their other twin from living. Elvis also talked about feeling like Jesse was always with him. Either way it appears, to me, that all his life Elvis Presley was tormented. I recorded and have watched a couple of specials about Elvis's life that were broadcast this past weekend. For the life of me I could not figure out why they are making such a big deal about his upcoming birthday on January 8th. From my account it would have been his 74th. Then I checked and found that Graceland has a special exhibit opening of all days, today, January 6, 2009. (http://www.elvis.com/) OK, so now it makes more sense. Probably some promotional thing to get them more tourist. Or perhaps we can make our own theory that Elvis has finally left the building. I mean it's been rumored for years that he faked his own death. The rumors have gone from everything to he wanted out of the business to he went into the witness protection program after testifying against the mofia. So perhaps he finally kicked the perverbial bucket? They say he had a wax figure put in his coffin. I personally think he actually died on August 16, 1977. The rumors as with anything else are always fun to revel in; however, likely not true. At 74 though the odds are he's gone. Not necessarily, but probably. Either way I loved some of his work. The song "In the Ghetto" is one of my all time favorites, along with "Are You Lonesome Tonight?". Let us also not forget my favorite movie of his, "Blue Hawaii". Either way I doubt anyone will ever forget "The King". He's often used in television to this day. I remember watching bits about him on "The Golden Girls", "Designing Women" and even on my soap I watch "Days of Our Lives". On Days an Elvis fanatic named her son after him, who is of course all grown up and gorgeous now. There is also big money in Vegas for Elvis impersonators. And just in case you wonder why I spelled Elvis's middle name Aron, that is because it is the actual spelling of his name. He had spoken to family about if he ever died he wanted it to have a more biblical spelling on his tomb, so when they buried him they spelled it the way most people do Aaron. Well, if I had blue suede shoe's I'd slip them on, but since I don't I guess I'll just ask how you feel? Do you remember the day Elvis died? Where were you?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

How Much Is Too Much?

OK, even I will admit I have a problem on this one. Today in cleaning up my house I realized that although I had four garage sales this past summer, gave a ton and I mean a ton of clothes to the Goodwill, I still have way too many clothes. Let me just tell you the error of my compulsion. I have 4 dressers of sorts, a storage cabinet and 4 of the rubber made 3 storage drawer units. Out of these. The cabinet, which has 5 shelves in height and stands about my nose level (I'm five foot 9) is full of pants and sweat shirts. 2 of the rubber made storage units have sweaters. One of the rubber made storage units has pants and another one has t-shirts. The six drawer dresser contains both dress shirts, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts. The two four drawer units house sweat pants and shirts along with more sweaters. The tall dresser I have holds two drawers of my favorite pants and three drawers of summer shirts. Lets not forget the four drawer dresser in my bathroom that houses my personal items and nightwear and the three drawer upright unit in there (very slim) which houses my socks. Did I mention I have two closets? I have a barrage of shawls, dresses, jackets, house coats and regular coats in those. Oh and don't worry at last count I had about fifty pairs of shoes. So how much is too much? For me this is way too much and as time allows I'm planning to weed it down more and more. Anyone need some clothes? Just checking.