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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Piece of The Pie

A friend of mine, Joe, recently did a blog about how sexy Tupperware was. I thought the bowls were really nice that he showed on his blog, but imagine my surprise when I went to the Tupperware site and found the above items. Let me say I love them to and if anyone wants to buy these towels and things and send them to me I'd love you forever. However that isn't expected. I just thought they were a great addition to the Tupperware line. It did lead me to thinking though. Companies that use to specialize in products are now expanding. It seems like they all want a piece of the "American" pie. Or perhaps it is that in order to survive they have to cater to the "One-Stop" shopping theory. I believe I have mentioned this theory once before. Companies are finding that to keep customers coming back they have to more and more offer variety and quality.
Now when I say everyone is doing it I mean everyone. These items on the left are a few of the things you can now find when shopping with Avon. There are some Avon products I dearly love. For instance the NATURALS collection of lotions and body sprays, especially "Cucumber & Melon" or "Banana & Coconut" scented lotions. Now in case you are wondering, no you can't buy the dog with Avon, but you can however buy a variety of pet products including the rain jacket this dog is wearing. Avon also has a complete set of bowls and a variety of gifts, footwear and health care products. OH, yes they do also sell Bibles.

To top off competing with multiple products you can also order these products on-line and have them shipped to your door if you do not wish to host a party or go to your local Avon dealer. My Avon lady I liked moved to Florida, but I simply go to her web site and I still use her today. I tried local ladies, but none of them measured up. So technology and time have come together to give you more and to get it to you more easily. Don't be surprised to hear that Tupperware is selling a clothes line some day. I know I wouldn't be surprised at all. You can check Avon out at http://www.avon.com/ and you can check Tupperware out at http://order.tupperware.com/coe/app/home.

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