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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust? Uh, Economy That Is

Ok.. so last Saturday my parents wanted to go to Ponderosa to eat. Not really my favorite place but they seemed to enjoy it so I agreed. We get there and there is the not so unfamiliar sign on the door advising us that they are closed for business.

Now this lovely sign informs us that they are grateful for our patronage over the years and they would appreciate it if we would visit their Auburn location. I'm thinking not with these gas prices. (Although I did see gas for under $4 a gallon today). Unfortunately the Coliseum business world is not really doing that well these days.

It hasn't been that long ago that another familiar restaurant Don Pablos also closed it's doors.
It's almost heart wrenching to see the weeds growing up, the grounds unkept and a once vibrant restaurant empty and giving way to decay.

Restaurants are not the only ones suffering from this less than wonderful economy that we have going. I know, can you believe it after President Bush telling us over and over how wonderful our economy is he finally admitted that wait, stop the presses, it may not be that wonderful. I say go figure.

The building above use to be a very nice hobby shop (when people could afford hobbies) that my nephew and my brother loved to go into. Now it's sat empty for months with few if any reminders that the layouts inside once thrilled children and adults alike.

And who could forget about K's Merchandise? I loved going in that store. It gave people like me who didn't love going to the mall a store we could go to and get a mall flavor without all the hassle of going from store to store. A lot of what they had can't even be found in the mall. It was refreshing, but in this modern day of I need to make one stop, it just couldn't compete.

Now I understand that coliseum business's are not the only ones hurting. The economy is less than wonderful everywhere. This is why I believe this election coming up is an extremely important one. We can not afford another four years of the economy heading in the same direction. I will not preach my politics though or try to persuade you to vote my way. I would only ask that you research history of economics and presidential elections so that you can make an educated vote come this November. I would ask that you listen with your heart, your mind and your research on the candidates. Mostly I would ask that you vote. It is extremely important that we not sit back and say well I can't decide which I like so I'm not voting. It's also important that we stand united and voice our concerns. One voice can be heard. After all every bill that has become a law started with one voice crying out alone in the night until someone finally heard them. I'm afraid for Fort Wayne. I'm afraid it won't be here in the future. It can't afford a long economic drought, although if you research it's history you'll find this is not a first time our wonderful city has seen this type of economic frustration. I believe in our city. So I only hope we can soon stop seeing the multitude of signs for empty buildings, dreams that were lost and restaurants where memories were made with signs of closure on their door.

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ida said...

we had this mexican/ itiallian resturant move in near i 70 and shadeland ave. hasnt been a year yet and they are gone. never got to even try them......:(