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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Midas Touch.

I really thought this picture kind of looked cool from the way the sun was shinning down on the MIDAS shop. My brother went with me today to get my breaks checked. I suppose checked really isn't the word when you know they are bad. I mean a couple of weeks ago they started making a metal to metal sound on the left front when I pushed hard on the breaks. In my younger days I would have ignored it because I would have been ill prepared to pay for this sort of thing. Sometimes I suppose that happens to me now, but too many times I have learned that when something is going on with your car (much like your health) that the longer you put it off the more expensive and difficult it can be to get fixed. So for the past two weeks I have babied my breaks. Slowing very gently as to not have to push down too hard on my breaks at any given point. In this way I figured I could get by until I could make time to get them fixed. Then of course once you find time it's always where do I go? Of course I suppose that really was not much of a debate as in I have always gone to the MIDAS shop on East Coliseum. They are friendly and efficient and I seem at ease there. MIDAS also has a life time warranty on the pads so there will be no future cost other than labor to get brake pads put on. I had not been in there in over four years, but they still pulled me up in the computer with no problem. The last car I had in to their shop was my maroon Pontiac Sunbird. Now I drive a cactus green Toyota Corolla. My brother made a joke today about "The Midas Touch" and how it is suppose to be where it turns things into gold. I said well it is for those who own the shop. They are taking mine. Of course for a good service. Not too bad. I had caught it in time that the rotors were not harmed so $236 and some change and I was out of there. While they were putting on the new brake pads my brother and I walked next door to the Dollar General Store. It use to be Franks Nursery. Anyone else remember that? While out there my brother noticed that Value City Department store had closed. So much changes constantly it seems in this city. So much so it's hard to tell if you will see anything were it was the day before. Yet there today, the same MIDAS I have been taking cars to every since I learned how to drive was. With it's shinning halo around it as if it was a sanctuary from the ever changing scenery. Either way I am extremely glad to have my breaks repaired and that metal to metal sound gone. In that they eased my mind and worries where my brakes were concerned, MIDAS really did have the MIDAS touch.


ida said...

i think value city closed out everywhere. they pulled out of indianapolis too. i remember franks nursery. my parents used to live on the north side. and we went there all the time. one time they sold my dad a bad plant. he had kept his receipt and dug that whole plant up and took it back. i remember hearing my dad go off on one of the guys there........oh yes, i will always remember franks. my dad was livid when he left. i seem to recall we stopped shopping at that one.

what year is the toyota. i still have my 99. that thing is a pretty good starter even at 170,000 miles. how many on yours.

lol green car. my new one is a silver moss. thats a fancy saying for deep green.

i still remember the commericals for midas. we got the midas touch. lol
take care ida

Sheila said...

It's a 2005 and it has 36,500 miles on it. I don't like driving much so it's still low on the miles.

ida said...

see this is why i need to get back to driving the toyota more. put all my miles on that one. i do a 50 mile round trip to work and back everyday. then i drive about 8 miles round trip to her school and back. sometimes i need to shop for food or get out for sanity. so i do rack some miles on and never leave the city of indianapolis. or even marion county. sick and disappointing where all my miles come from. :)