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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ashley's Day

Thursday I met my ex sister-in-law and my niece, Ashley, for a bite of lunch and running around. My niece to say the least was in heaven. A whole day planned around her, with her mother and her aunt. We first went to Picture People in the Glenbrook Mall where my niece hammed it up big time for the camera. Then after that we ventured down where she threw pennies in the fountain and made our way around to Red Robin to dine. Not my pick. It was OK. The atmosphere is really nice, but the food was way to greasy and salty for my taste. The service was a little lacks as well I thought as I was never offered a refill on my drink although my glass was empty for some time. Good thing I had a water back up. My niece had wanted a red balloon the whole time we were in there so with her chocolate shake that was almost as big as her and her red balloon, lunch was a big success. After lunch we walked to JCPenny's looking for a good deal. None to be found though. Oh and let us not forget the trip to the Disney Store. No trip to the mall is complete without one. My niece picked up Oliver the dog and Tramp in there along with a Cinderella Cell phone ($6 unlimited minutes - too bad they are pretend minutes.) - but she lost her much beloved balloon that got away from her and found a new home up near the ceiling of the Disney Store. After a little shopping we made our way to in front of the Build-A-Bear store where the mall has placed a play area for kids. It's a little small. I think they could have done a much larger one which would have been way cool. This one is nice though for it's size. Fake creaks and everything. My niece bored quickly with it though and was ready to move on. After playing in there my niece was really ready to go home and probably ready for a nap if truth be told. We were looking for children's clothes bargains though so we drove to Kmart where we found pants for the kids at three dollars a pair and sleepwear sets for $3.99 each. It was well worth it. Then off to my house to drop me off after picking my car up from getting it's wheel alignment where my niece got to see her daddy and spend a few minutes with him. Yep, a busy but very good day for her I would have to say. Sometimes that is all life is about is making someone else smile. Those can be some of the best times you'll see. Now I guess we just have to find a day to give to my nephew like that. I somehow doubt he'll pick shopping though.

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indy said...

good looking young lady. sounds like a fine day for her. i remember glenbrook square took a few baloons of mine too when i was young. lol. i really did feel sad for her. and what is a trip to the mall without the disney store. i still like going in there too. heck i make my teenager go in there with me from time to time.