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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bodycology - Walmarts

So yesterday I was shopping at Walmarts and went into the cosmetics isle. Needed eye shadow... I found a line of products called "Bodycology". Not a name I was familiar with and definitely not very expensive, but I thought for the gym these could be nice to have so I of course got the shower gel, the body lotion, and the body spray. I had five different women at the gym tell me how great it smelled along
with two guys and then several people where I work. The scent I went with was called 'Sweet Petals'. I suppose you don't always have to spend a fortune to find something nice. The body lotion is awesome too just so you know. It's not greasy and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Give them whirl if you've a mind to.

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ida said...

i was thinking on this line of you dont have to spend alot to get something nice this last week. they had on yahoo the top 10 business to watch for going under. i was thinking to myself. pretty soon bath and body works will not be there anymore eithor. cutting back is a good thing. i went from liquid soap (i really didnt think i could) to bar soap. i spend 7.00 on a 8 (?) pack of soap. where as i used to spend 4 or 5 dollars on one liquid soap container. its amazing.

i used to be addicted to liquid soap like a drug addict is to drugs. when i stopped buying it, i would still by one or two just to try it out. now i have pretty much stopped.......(watch out bodycology........lol)you did say the petal one.........hummmmmmm lol