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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Working It Out!

Recently I signed back up to go to American Health Fitness. It's winter and my walking, although I still manage to get some in has been hampered by the winter weather. I hate very few things worse than cold weather. In reality as I lose this last hundred pounds I need to start tightening and strengthening my muscles anyway. I also use to belong to American Health several years ago and enjoyed it tremendously. So although I did check other clubs, I went back to where I always felt comfortable. At American Health there are a wide array of people in there working out and all of them appear to be friendly. As one girl stated today no one cares what anyone looks like or in what condition they are in inside this gym, they are just happy you're here to work out. I have seen every type from the extremely physically fit, to a few that are probably five hundred pounds if they are an ounce with a long road to travel yet. I also was fascinated by the eighty-six year old woman that was bench pressing, and the guy with green hair that upon leaving was wearing a shirt and tie and dress pants. Most of the people have been super friendly and nice. Now there are a few odd balls, but hey they keep life interesting. The staff is friendly and eager to answer your questions on anything you might want to know. They will even keep keys at their desk for you while you exercise if you don't want to have to keep track of it. So my biggest obstacle will be getting into some kind of routine on the machines. I'm no different than anyone else that going by myself and working out on those things leaves me feeling a little awkward, but I will do it. I went Friday night and swam and worked out in the water for about two and a half hours. I could live in the pool. I wish I had enough money to have an indoor pool at my house so I could swim all the time. On Saturday I started my morning off with an hour work out with the club trainer, went to lunch and then went back to the club and stayed another 3 hours doing different workouts both on machines and in the water. Today I went and worked out in the water again. My muscles were too sore to do machines today.... that is the great thing about the pool, as sore as my muscles were it was easy to still do a workout in the water and trust me when I say you get a harder work out in the water than a person might expect. What really kills me though are the people who come in do nothing on the machines, head to the pool and then just stand around and talk in the pool. How exactly does that count as exercise? I suppose maybe they joined just to use the pool and socialize, but that is just hard to imagine. For me though it's well worth the money. I pay $19 a month, which is less than a dollar a day. Cheap entertainment and beneficial to my health too. What more could a girl ask for? American Health offers a sauna, a steam room, a eucalyptus room, a hot tub, trainers, every possible machine you could think of, and even a wellness program. Their wellness program has meetings and health monitoring as well as a tailored exercise program for each person. I like it. If you wanna join I might even allow you to work out with me. ;) There are two locations in Fort Wayne, and multiple classes you can take as well. Below here I have the pictures and maps from the website of American Health Fitness - http://www.ahfc.com/

Step/Cardio, MON-SAT 8:30AM & TUE/THUR 6:30PM
Core/Fusion/Pilates, MON-FRI 9:15AM
Aquatics, MON/WED/FRI 9AM/10AM/11AM & 6PM (except Fridays, no 6pm on Fridays)
Yoga, MON/THUR 5:30PM -- Step, TUE/THU 10AM & 6:30PM -- Power Pump MON 7PM

Power Pump, SAT 9:45AM
Step, MON/WED 5:30PM
Core Fusion, TUE 7PM
Kick Boxing, THUR 7PM

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ida said...

way to go sheila!!!

i have started walking to and from work. leaving the car at the apartment. i have stairs now so i am getting alittle more workout just to get to the house. i love living in my apartment and i wonder why didnt i do it sooner. nice, safe , quite area. no regrets. and i also have a workout room i can use at the office. tasha loves the little track around the complex that is like a little over a mile. she walked with me part of the way to work today with the dog. the dog cried when i left.