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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

~~Real or Memorex?~~

Anyone remember that Memorex commercial? It was a commercial for blank/recordable cassette (maybe I should ask how many remember cassette tapes) and later on video tapes that insinuated that by using them you would forget somehow you were listening to or watching a recording and believe somehow you were observing the real thing. I’m here to tell you that it was rarely even close to the real thing or even listening to it off the radio, but for the time it was probably as close as one was going to get and a big improvement over the old reel tapes. Me? I seem to ask this question a lot in my life, so I was just pondering its many uses today as I was walking the stairs. Yeah, stairs are not my favorite thing to do, but its exercise. This question can be used on almost every aspect of life. I mean if you have a problem (any type) you could ask it in the context of is it truly a problem that deserves your worry or is it just a mere complication that will fade with time? I know I’ve known people I’ve wanted to ask that question by the story they were telling me at the time. An out of body experience story comes to mind. I wanted so badly to say are you kidding me? Not that I don’t believe in supernatural events, but if you knew the person telling the story you would understand my hesitation on this one. Then there is one of the most important aspects of life that this question can apply to and that is love or friendship. I mean a friend of mine and I today were talking about how if a relationship is real (again either kind) it’s something you value and don’t want to destroy. If a relationship is Memorex then you really don’t give it a whole lot of thought and have a “to hell” with the consequences type attitude. What really sucks is if you think its Memorex, lose it and realize it was the real deal. So thinking over the things in your life do you ever ask if it is real or Memorex or do you just try not think about it?

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ida said...

i had an out of body experiance two times in my life.
1. at luthern hospital. i was 5 years old had my tonsiles and adnoides taken out. when i woke up i was looking at my mom telling her not to cry. she couldnt hear me. then next then i knew i was on the ceiling looking down. telling someone i needed to be with my mom. i finally woke up after hearing the nurse tell my mom that i might turn around and i spoke to my mom she was extreamly happy.

2. i was at community east here in indy. went in for some female surgary. i woke up and saw the nurse shaking me. yelling at me to wake up. i was looking at my body. then i woke up and told her to leave me alone that i needed more sleep. she said that's how everyone dies if they go back to sleep and i had her worried. in fact they had called my daughters school and my babysitter. i only found out years later.

my solution to all this? no more surgarys. whatever happens i do not plan on going back under the knief unless it is a true emergancy (gunshot/car wreak) or it is the only, the only way to save my life. then i will have to really consider it. NO MORE SURGARYS.