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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

On Monday, my brother and I took my niece and nephew to Coventry movie cinemas to see "Monsters VS. Aliens". The children loved the movie and I'm afraid my brother has had to add that movie to the list of must buys to have at his house. After the movie the children needed to get out and run some after sitting a couple of hours so my brother and I took them over to Indian Trail Park. I had never been there before. I tell you it's the kind of place we only dreamed of when I was growing up and as I told my brother, "If you're a kid and can't find something to do here, then something is wrong with you." This park is located off Aboite Center Road. I took several pictures and I just thought I would share them with you. There also appear to be several bike or walking paths in this area. If you have children this is a must to check out. Enjoy the pictures.

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ida said...

thats a cool park. reminded me of the parks in germany somewhat. alot of the parks there had activies that even adults could use. lick a mini zip line....it would run about 500 ft. ummmm a large ship like rocker that a family could sit in and rock back and forth, on springs. stuff like that. slides that you would climb 3 stories then slide down on. i loved germany so much that my parents thought i would move there to stay. and yes, i still miss it alot. but, this is where i am planted and will stay.