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Thursday, July 2, 2009

"In Touch Weekly" Magazine Gets it Right!

Let me first state I mean no disrespect to Michael Jackson by stating this, but "In Touch Weekly" appears to me to be the only magazine out there that got their weekly release correct. Of course this is only my opinion. After all both Michael and Farrah were huge in their own rights. They both died on the same day and after Michael died that day it's almost as if the press and people in general forgot that Farrah had lost her brave fight with cancer that same day. Then it seems that President Obama decided he'd send his respects to the Jackson family, I wonder if he did the same for Farrah's family. Why is it they take some stars and make such a big hoopla? I mean I am sorry the man is dead. I loved his "Thriller" album. I also hold him no ill will for his charges he's had against him. He was found innocent, who knows if he was or not. I think his life seemed extremely sad to me. With all his fame and money he didn't appear from outwards to be happy. Farrah on the other hand appeared to be happy except for not well. Then lets look at how they died. Farrah died fighting to live. Wanting to beat the beast of burden that ravaged her body. Michael's death is shrouded in mystery. Heart Attack either by lack of food or by medications. Who knows. Either way both deaths were a shock in their own right. Perhaps people saw it coming more with Farrah, especially after her recent self documentary. It bothered me though that once Michael died Farrah faded into the back ground. I never really cared that much for her as an actress. I did like her in "Small Sacrifices." Never liked her in Charlie's Angels. Liked the other two, but not her. She played a ditsy blond. Yeah that was a hard role. While looking at the multitude of magazines today though I noticed three stood out. "Star" for it's almost none-story on either of the celebrities dying. "People" for it's grandiose cover, which I think would have thrilled Michael and "In Touch Weekly" for giving equal billing on it's cover to both celebrities. Which one will probably sell the most copies? I'm betting "People"; however, if I were going to buy one I would want the one that commemorated the two of them and their special day that now binds them together. Yep, "In Touch Weekly" got it right if you ask me.

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ida said...

all these people excited to go to the michael jackson memorial makes me sick. i have lost all grandparents,parents, just about all my aunts and uncles. death is sad. its a loss of a loved one on earth with us. i am saddened that michael jackson died like he might have. i have taken demeral myself right after the birth of my child for about 2 weeks. i was in so much pain it was unreal. for him to have been in that much pain and for demerial not to work boggles my mind. i pray that michaels family makes it threw this time the best that they can.