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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What A Crock!

As I posted on face book today a statement about "Wondering how one goes about losing a crock pot." I was met with two comments that added to my amusement. One asked me why I would want to and the other asked me if it just disappeared from where it usually is. Hum good questions. I didn't want to lose a crock pot, I was in the process of trying to find mine for the carry in at work. I never gave it a thought that it might not be where it normally is. It normally sits on the top of the hutch in the kitchen. The hutch is taller than me so yes I would have to look up to see it, but it's been where I have kept it for years and it has never once failed to be there until today. One would say I was floored and stunned when I reached up to get it and it just wasn't sitting there. I looked through all the kitchen cabinets, in the stove, in the over flow cabinet and not one sign of it anywhere. When was the last time I remember using it you might ask? Well, I made chili and took it to a friends house. I'm quiet certain I left with it and from there is a mystery. So I ran to WalMart's and bought the crock pot you see in the picture and rushed it home to wash it and clean it for use. Then grabbed the hot dogs for the carry in that will go in it and ran out the door to head to work. If that crock pot is sitting in it's usual place when I go home tonight I guess we'll just have to sit down and have a talk. Of course I'll be in the mental hospital, but none the less I'm sure it will show up eventually. Sigh, what a crock.

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ida said...

i understand in a way. i had a bottle of dog shampoo that i bought about a year ago. now i knew that i put it where the washer and dryer were. i was sure of it. looked high and low. now that area is pretty tight and i really dont move my washer and dryer around alot. soooooo when i had to buy a new pair this last week. (my dryer has been on the blink for a few years. dont dry that well. and the washer died on spin......about 9 buckets of water type of spin) and had them delievered. i was muttering no gold around here. the delievery men were cracking up. then i found the DOG SHAMPOO. well i about had a i told you so moment that they thought i was nuts. i KNEW it was there. it was just behind the washer. and trust me that was all that was there besides some dirt. that was the first time in my entire life of missing something behind the washer for more then a week. never the less. we have HOT TOWELS now. and my daughter loves HOT TOWELS. you should had heard her when she announced it. you would have thought we won a million dollars........lol oh she is in love with the washer and dryer. i am like. omg.........more beach time on vacation becouse i am now about broke. at least we have HOT TOWELS. :)