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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

On Sunday I took a drive up to Auburn Indiana to meet my parents, my brother, my nephew and my niece at Ryan's. There use to be a Ryan's restaurant here in Fort Wayne on Clinton in front of the Scott's. I miss that restaurant at times, but the management that had taken over there had let it become a less than appealing place to eat. It didn't look clean and there was no variety towards the end. If you're going to eat buffet foods you want variety. We had eaten at the Ryan's on Clinton for years but in the last few months had rarely entered it's doorway. The Ryan's in Auburn had started out trying to make a fresh start. I don't know if they thought the name of their restaurant would be marked as bad because of the decay of the one in Fort Wayne or not. It opened as a Fire Mountain about four months before Ryan's closed and it just recently renamed itself back to what it actually is. If you like southern cooking it's a good place for you. It is like the old Ryan's from years ago. There is plenty of variety and lots of southern food to be found. One such item was being introduced this weekend was fried green tomatoes. My dad had never had them, which I found a little odd seeing as how he grew up in the south and I had the opportunity to eat them on more than one occasion, but I prodded him to try them and he did. When we came back to Fort Wayne he was out looking to buy some tomato plants. Mom said he really liked them. Yes there was even a movie made from the name of this delicacy. They are quiet good and you may find recipe's at:


Auburn isn't really that far up the road and if you're looking for a pleasant drive and a good meal at a fair price I would definitely recommend this restaurant. I would also recommend the fried green tomatoes if you haven't tried them. I really can't say I liked fried pickles very much though. In case you're looking to go you'll find the directions right here. Take a drive and go hungry. That way you can savor every southern bite.

AUBURN, IN - Ryan's 1411 SHOOK DRIVE AUBURN, IN 46706 (260) 920-1170

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