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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bugs Bunny, The Road Runner & The Flinstones

I miss Saturday morning cartoons. There was absolutely nothing better when I was growing up than waking up to the Saturday morning line up. I think it's sad that most of Saturday morning local television these days has little to nothing to do with children. I know we have cartoon networks and such, but it was always such a treat in the fall to watch the previews of up and coming fall cartoons. Saturdays' we didn't have to go to school and there was a ritual in my house. We would get up and my brother and I would just sit in front of that television until it was time to go to lunch or shopping. Most of the shows we liked were the same. I mean who didn't love "The Bugs Bunny - Road Runner Show"? Then there was "Heath Cliff", "Alvin & The Chipmunks", "Space Ghost", "The Flintstones & Jetsons" and not to say the least "Fat Albert". In the later years when Channel fifty-five hit the airwaves we had these same cartoons during the weekday evenings, although we were often told to go outside and play. We got more exercise that way. Saturday's were always special all the way around in my house. Saturday's were family day and time. Rarely did we do our regular routine of going out and playing with the neighborhood kids. We were content. Mom would almost every weekend make a home made chocolate cake and we would sit down together and watch television in the evening. If memory serves we would watch Marcus Welby, Barnaby Jones or Emergency One. There was always a wholesome family program. We would also play old made or board games. Sometimes mom or dad would read to us. We did this well into the teen years. They are some of the best memories I have of growing up. Sometimes we even got to go to a park and play. Sometimes just with mom and dad and sometimes with cousins. These cartoons were the start of a great weekend almost always. What I think is really sad is that people today want to say these cartoons were violent and shouldn't be watched. I never took them for reality. I really think children are smarter than that. Society with it's every child must win and never be told no attitude is what is harming our society, not the old day cartoons. Besides who on earth would let their children watch "Rug Rats". What a hateful child on that show. Anyway, I will be forty-two years old on Saturday and I still love nothing better than to sit down to these old time Saturday morning cartoons. I can never get enough of them. Those were the good days. Thanks Bugs!

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ida said...

scobby doo was my favorite.