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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Benefits of Nuts.

One of the new things in my life is nuts. I've never been a fan and hardly ever ate nuts in my past life; however, as we grow older and wiser sometimes we find a need to try new things. For me trying nuts came from a need to raise my good cholesterol levels up to where my family doctor wanted it to be. It also fills a need for a healthy snack now and then. So on my desk at work now I have containers of nuts. The three I have chosen to add to my diet are peanuts, cashews and almonds. Now you really need to be careful though with nuts that you get lightly salted or unsalted. You can do more damage to your health than good if you eat nuts saturated in salt. Peanuts are a good source of protein. Peanuts also have antioxidant's and reservatrol. Reservatrol is helpful in helping fight the aging process and it helps keep the heart healthy. Then there are Cashews. Cashews contain protein, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and zinc. Cashews help lower the rick of heart disease, help lower blood pressure, give us a natural energy, raise our good cholesterol and help lower our bad cholesterol. There is some research that shows cashews actually help fight tooth decay as well. Lastly I have added Almonds to my diet. Almonds have virtually no carbohydrates. They are a rich source of vitamin E and they also are high in mono saturated fats. Almonds are good for the complexion, help move food through the colon and also help lower bad cholesterol levels. As you can see all the nuts help with cholesterol. You can also see how these nuts can bring some very important health benefits into your life; however, you must also be careful not to over do it on nuts. As with anything else, nuts should be eaten in some moderation. A handful or two of nuts a day is OK. Cashews should be eaten more sparingly than peanuts or almonds. Cashews are high in fats and a handful a day is more than enough. So if you haven't tried them and you're not allergic to them I would recommend you join me in replacing some less healthy snack foods with this wonderfully healthful snack. Sometimes you feel like a nut, some times you don't, but adding these little guys to your diet can help you feel better. This is after all the benefits of nuts.

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i like them in my salad.