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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Second Guessing Is Rarely The Answer

Research research research. Any decision you have to make in life one should make sure that they are are armed with all the facts they can possibly get their hands on. This can include information from friends, but as good as their intentions may be, they could be wrong, so always be sure to check the facts. In this day and age of technology where you can go to the library or even the congressional sites on line it should not be that hard to check information. This is especially important of life altering decisions on things such as surgeries or becoming a parent or even buying a house. Hum even perhaps on things like the election on November 4Th. It would be easy to just listen to the commercials on television or to listen to the gossip around the water cooler and base an opinion off of that. I urge you not to though. The commercials on both parties parts are full of misconceptions. The water cooler gossip may or may not have legitimate foundation in that it will often be filled with multiple opinions that may or may not be founded on accurate information. Be sure this year when you're voting for a president that you take the time to find out what issues they may actually affect. It's not going to be gay marriage or abortion. Both of those are done on a state by state basis, not a federal level. So before you start voting based on morals or our president be sure to know if he can have an impact on them or not. Personally I'll check my own morals, I just want my economy back. So when I vote I'm definitely going to be doing so based on who I think can effect it in the most positive way. The facts, go check them for yourself, are that McCains policies will give us more of the same old same old we have right now. How have the last four to eight years served you? How are those stocks doing? Do I know if Obama's economic plans will work. No, but they are a change from what we have and that is what I feel I have to do and no I won't be second guessing. Second guessing one's decisions in life rarely turns out well. Often we find our first impulse, our first "Well informed" decision was the correct one. So once you're researched, you have your information and you've made your decision dig your heels in and don't look back. If it turns out it was the wrong decision then at least you did your best, but usually your first decision is the correct one. So don't second guess, but do arm yourself with information. And whatever you do, no matter who you are voting for get out and vote. It's your right and one you should exercise!


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Ritchie said...

Amen! Obama all the way! We really can't afford McCain!!!!