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Monday, October 20, 2008

Pizza Hut Sunday's

So Saturday, October 18, 2008 my niece Ashley turned five years old. From all accounts she had a good birthday. As you may remember I was quiet sick not only with a cold, but an allergic reaction to something I ate and I had to work. So needless to say I didn't get to see her on her birthday, but in my mind I could see her playing at Chuckie Cheese while I worked. As the storey has it she wanted to eat at Golden Corral on her birthday and the rest of my Family wanted Kentucky Fried Chicken. So my dad took her to Golden Corral and sat with her while she ate, then when she was done the rest of them went to KFC. It was as Ashley pointed out her birthday and she should get to eat where she wanted. Then they went to Walmart where she warmed my dad's heart into spending money on a Dora doll and horse that from what I hear was a little pricey, but worth it. They ended their night at Chuckie Cheese with her yet again warming someone by telling some older people it was her birthday and they gave her their points they had won so she could get a toy. So she had a great birthday on one respect. I met my family at Pizza Hut at Northcrest on Sunday. They have a pizza buffet on Sunday's from 11am to 2pm. Ashley recounted the tale of her special day, and although I think she enjoyed it you could tell it was missing one very important thing... her mother. Ashley today talked about her mother and she pointed out some of her quarters she had that were from Tennessee. Her mother went on vacation on Friday and will be back next Friday. She went to Tennessee. I understand it's a vacation and I know the kids had school so they couldn't go but I don't understand how a mother could not want to see her daughter on her birthday. I know this will probably tick her off if she reads it, but I just have a hard time with that one. She could have had her all day on Saturday until my brother got off work. Yet she's in Tennessee with her significant other while her daughter celebrates her birthday here in Fort Wayne. Children are only little for so long and I just can't wrap my brain around why you wouldn't fight to be with your child even if for a little bit on their birthday. I love my ex-sister-in-law very much, but this one is beyond me. Either way Pizza Hut Sunday's is something my family does once a month. I went today, just made sure the kids stayed back. I don't think they could catch my cold I had, but I didn't want to take a chance. If you go to Pizza Hut on Sunday's and you want the absolute best service then ask for a waitress named Heather. She's charming and she's great as a server. You won't be disappointed I guarantee you. For the average adult the buffet is going to cost you around $10 if you have a drink. If you drink water then it will be around $8. My nephew enjoys the pasta and the pizza quiet well. I think he would eat pizza three hundred days a year if he could. He has always loved pasta. Today's lunch was enjoyable and as you can see from the pictures even the outside of Pizza Hut has a lot to offer. My niece and nephew love to play on this clump of trees. Little monkey's both of them.. Another weekend is gone, so Happy Monday everyone!

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Ritchie said...

My ex-wife has to be the worlds biggest jerk to do what she did. I believe you have her photo in the post titled "Inside the person" at the top. Well, there is a good resembalnce anyway. I think her other broom is a Harley!