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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day Two, One Word - PAIN!

I promise I won't write about my walk everyday, but I wanted you to know that day two went on without any hesitation. Well, maybe a little.
As you can see here on the left, it's not quiet as pretty as it was yesterday, but I guess it gave me some diversity in my walk. I got home from my part time gig of merchandising around noon. In case you don't know what that is it entails lifting boxes, and replacing old merchandise on the shelves with new merchandise. Requires a lot of reaching and bending. I did that for two and a half hours this morning. Yippee. Upon getting home it was time for all the medicines and they require food so I took care of that. Put in some more laundry. Didn't really want to deal with the walk due to the fact that cold, wet weather and my arthritis are not friends. My body was aching from the arthritis. My feet have blisters from yesterdays walk and my legs and back were sore from my morning activities. Not the least of which there was the weather. It was raining out when I got home. But the doctor told me to find a way everyday. Now I will admit he's going to have to settle for 6 out of 7 cause I really don't have any free time most Fridays if I work, so some Fridays yes, some Friday's no. I almost didn't do my walk today, but then I got to thinking and we all know that is dangerous for me. Yet what went through my mind is that nothing in life is free or without pain if it's worth having. I have learned that lesson way too many times. I do want my blood pressure to regulate. I do want to be medication free. I do want the constant infections (lets face it three at one time is no where near normal) to stop. I want to buy a pair of slacks and not have to shop in the "PLUS" sizes. I don't want to be one of those statistics that dies at fifty because they didn't take care of themselves and have everyone talking about poor Sheila. So, I put on socks and tennis shoe's, grabbed my umbrella and my Walkman and out the door I went. It had stopped raining, but it was still really gloom. Since WOWO does Rush Limbaugh from noon to three I had to choose another station. Just as well, I needed something more upbeat to keep me going today. I chose an oldies seventies and eighties rock classics station. Yeah that would push me along. First part of the walk wasn't bad. My new found favorite sign was
cheering both me and the weather on as it beamed "Brighten UP". I know it was an advertisement, but it just seemed so appropriate. Funny thing is I think the weather listened cause when I got back to the Indiana Department of Transportation and was ready to turn around the sun came out and up as if on command. The pain in my legs was pretty bad at this point. Believe it or not I looked up and another sign cheering me on. It said don't let knee pain slow you down. I know another advertisement, but you have to admit it's kind of funny. As soon as I got in, got the socks and shoes off, got some liquids I sent my friend Ida a note to let her know that I had completed my walk for the day. Today's walk was one hour in length. She says she hasn't done hers yet, but as soon as her daughter gets home. Come on! You can do it Ida! Anyone else out there walking? Anyone found me that treadmill yet? Well, that is my walk on day two. Guess I just need to keep trucking. Get up and get moving, isn't that what the Indiana health website says?


ida said...

omg........lol yea i did it.......omg and the signs werent talking to you it was God. my daughter was strides ahead of me but we did it too. it was about 1.5 miles. not a good day for me. i was wore out from the last few days of yard work. and yes, no pain no gain.

ida said...

yes i did my walk. no pain without gain.........lmao.