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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heavenly Banana

Sweet yummy banana's. Sigh. Last night I had dinner with friends around eight-thirty. I'm glad I ate kind of late because let me tell you if I hadn't I would have been laid over somewhere from hunger today. I got up as usual and did my merchandising. Finished up with that around noon and came back home to rest a bit before going to the Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Doctor. Dr. Schreck. He was really cool! I had never been to an ENT before so I wasn't sure if I should eat or go on an empty stomach. So I headed over to my appointment shortly after 2PM. Simply put my ears are good. My allergies are confirmed. I have to schedule a precautionary CT Scan and I got a prescription for steroid nose spray that if I take it as directed should help my headaches, sinus drainage and sore throats go away here within two weeks or so. I am conflicted about it somewhat though as I have heard bad things about taking steroids in any form, but what am I to do I guess. I've been having these headaches and sore throats so long that I have come to the conclusion that it's worth a try. I was at the ENT's office for about an hour after which I took myself to Meijer to fill my new prescription and shop. Let me remind you it's the previous night since I ate. I was like a fox in the hen house. I was starving Marvin as they say. I walked the isles knowing what I needed, but a few things I really didn't need made their way into my cart. It's like they were signing to me and calling my name. You know like that snake in the basket and the snake charmer! I bought salsa and thought my friend Joe would be proud. Along with tortilla chips since they are on sale this week. I bought a bunch of soups and a ton of other items. All I needed was cereal. Well, I was waiting on a prescription in my defense. The stuff just jumped off the shelf into my cart and then it held me at gun point as I took it to the check out lane and paid for it. Yeah that is it. That is my storey and well, unless sworn in under oath in a court of law I'm sticking to it. Finally I thought time to go home and I can eat. Well, wrong. I had my car to Evan's Toyota yesterday for an oil change and today the glove box on my car wouldn't close. I got home and talked to my friend on the phone for about an hour and called Toyota as soon as I got off with her. They had me bring the car down and they put it back on track. They had it out yesterday to check the cabin filter. So down there I went. Five thirty-five PM I was back inside my house and was having dinner heated up. I was so very very hungry. I keep fruit in my house for obvious reasons. I love apples and banana's. So while my dinner was heating in the oven I decided a banana would have to get me started. It's amazing when you're so hungry how heightened your senses are. I was so super aware of every second. I remember pealing back the banana peel. I remember raising the banana to my mouth and taking that first bite. I took in every ounce of flavor. I also caught the humor in the symbolism of what I was eating and the feeling that was coming over me as I was eating it. Yeah, but lets not go there. Anyway. I believe that was the best thing I've ever eaten in my entire life. It only liked a couple of hours until it would have been twenty four hours without food. It was the most heavenly banana I've ever had. It also brought me right back around to thinking about how we don't really appreciate the little things in life like we should. At that moment in time that tiny banana was my world. It was a wonderful experience and one that filled my mind and my senses with sheer delite.

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ida said...

your whole article spoke the truth. keep up the good work. its really weird that you would even put a pic of apples and bananas when i was thinking i should be eating more of them today. :) you have a good day.