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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Wondered Once How Dumb I Could Feel...

This is a picture of my Algebra book from last year. I miss that book. I never thought I would say that, but I do. It made sense. I could see it's potential use. I could understand it and I didn't feel like I was in a foreign country where I couldn't possibly understand the language. The class I am in now is a class called "Function and Modeling... A Preparation for Calculus.". I HATE this class. Not the teacher. She's really cool. The book that they give you for this class though is impossible to understand. At least for me. I have spent the better part of a week trying to understand Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes and how to find them. I mean I have been given questions like this:

Determine any horizontal and vertical asymptotes of each of the following. Write your asymptotes as equations. Also report any zero's or intercepts. If NONE, state so.

f(x) = (8x^7-32x^5)/(1+x^2)

Vertical: _________
Horizontal: ___________
Zeros: __________
y-Intercept: _________

Anyone understand this crap? I think I have it figured out. I really do, but it has driven me nuts. Needless to say I am counting down the days till May 9Th when I can take the final and bid this class goodbye. I mean this class makes me feel like I have lost all hope of ever knowing anything, which is completely out of my norm. I have never been good at math though, unless it dealt with money. English, Journalism, Philosophy I can do. Math - UGH. Sometimes I wonder why I hang in there. Then I remind myself I am doing this for me. To prove something to myself, no one else. But seriously if you understand this stuff and you want to chime in on an easy way to figure this out. I would love the help. I know you figure the Vertical by using the zero's of the denominator and the largest X's have to do with the horizontal, but this really could drive me insane. Not that it would be that far of a drive. Well, back to my math books.

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ida said...

oh God. i didnt even read the post. i remember failing geometry back at elmhurst. doing the 2 year stint in a class i hated and i teacher i couldnt stand. I KNOW noting of algrabra eithor. i told my good friend when he needed help to find a hooker she might know more. he died laughing. i know nothing. even my daughter understands i am a quick ticket to an f. so she gets a's in math. lol she would rather stay after school for help then to ask me. lollllllllllll and i was a freaking honors student.