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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yes, Virginia, You Can Turn Right On Red In Indiana

Time for another pet peeve of mine. I know everyone thinks they can drive better than anyone else and heaven forbid we should make fun, but I had two irritations in one day. That just isn't right if the cosmic gods of Carma are listening. The first one was a guy who pulled up to a light in a truck and sat at a light blinking for a right turn. No traffic in site. No postings saying you can't turn on red, yet he set there for the entire time until the light changed to green. Bad thing was he was a Fort Wayne native if the licence plate was correct. Maybe beyond some hope I hoped he was from out of town and driving a friends car, because otherwise in my book he was just an idiot. Then going to work I got behind this guy. He was in the left lane, which at this intersection only goes straight. There is clearly a no left turn sign up right beside the red light but what does this boy genius do? You guessed it as soon as the light turns green he turned left in front of on coming traffic and almost got hit. He probably drove away swearing at the other drivers for their bad driving. I can only imagine the type. Not that I haven't ever done anything wrong, as I barely evaded that speeding ticket today and noted I should lighten up on the foot that is on that peddle, but if you're going to drive you generally take this thing called a drivers test. Written and driven last I knew. If you took it you know that in Indiana you can turn on red unless otherwise posted. U-turns are legal unless otherwise posted. A left turn onto a one way street from a one way street is legal on red. Oh and here is a biggie for you folks that like to take chances.... if the light is turning orange/yellow you are suppose to slow down and try to stop. The only reason you should go through the light is if you can't stop. Here is another fun fact in case you didn't know. It is also legal to go 1/2 block the wrong direction on a one way street. OK, maybe I shouldn't have told you that one. I don't want a million people going out and trying that and getting hurt. I think that one is on the book for extreme cases. I know they still have eating a watermelon in a park in Fort Wayne as being illegal so maybe they just forgot to take that one off the books. Either way, the answer to whether you can turn right on red (You know sitting at a red light, making a right turn.) in the state of Indiana, it is legal unless there is a sign posting it as a big no no. Mystery solved.


Ritchie said...

I heard on the radio today they are stepping up enforcement on speeding. This is even if you are going 5 miles an hour over. The add was "obey the sign".

ida said...

omg they got cops all over i 70 on the way to work. it is a nightmare. they are trying hard to bring in revenue. just leave early and do the speed limit. and i am a reformed 80mph speeder. didnt get a ticket yet. but, i am now doing the speed limit or a little below. these cops are nuts. and you know thats alot coming from my mouth (or hands as the case maybe)