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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Baptist Frame of Mind...

With all this death talk over the last few days and my brother talking about cleaning up his life, it's had me thinking a lot about my own roots. I was raised a "Southern Baptist". For the most part I believe in the ways I was brought up too. Some of the things I don't agree with. Like I surely don't think because I wear slacks I'm destined for hell, but there are those in my family, my mother being one, that have never worn, nor never would wear slacks because they are for men and women just don't do that. I don't know where in the Bible that comes from exactly, but I've had my mom tell me it's in there. Maybe not worded that way, but in there none-the-less. I believe it comes down to an individuals relationship with God. I think it's a one on one thing and only the person and God knows how their relationship is. Do I think I'm a christian? Define it? If you mean do I believe in God and have total faith that His will be done and He can do everything at anytime, then yes. If you mean the baptist definition, uh probably not. Do I know if I'm going to heaven? I doubt anyone knows for certain. I think they would have to have died and been there to know. Can you believe beyond a reasonable doubt, yeah probably. Me? I dunno. I've done a lot of talking with God over the years. I do get up everyday thanking Him for my life. I put my life in His hands and my faith as well. There are things though that I do, that I don't believe in. Bad to say but I do. Do I know if they will take me to hell. No. I mean one thing I believe is that you MUST keep the Sabbath Holy. That means don't go shopping or to restaurants. Why? Because even if you aren't working, if you go to these places you are supporting someone who is profiting off someone else who is working. Do I do this? Yes. Sometimes I feel badly about it, but I do it because it gives me time with family and friends. Time I might not have otherwise. So I guess I have some house cleaning in my life to do. Do I think God would send me to hell for it. Not really. Do I know? No. There are things I agree with in our church, like I do believe you must live your life humbled before God. I believe that you must say in prayer your hearts desire but begin it with Your will be done. I mean just because we pray to God and he doesn't answer the way we want Him to doesn't mean he didn't answer or didn't hear. Just like all good parents He must look at the bigger picture and decide what is best for everyone. That is one of the toughest things I ever had to learn. When my cat Basil died it broke my heart. I bet the devil wanted me to be angry at God for his passing, but what I felt was an over whelming love and peace. I thanked God for all the years He gave me, not for the ones I didn't have. Such I believe it is with people in their daily lives. We should thank God for what is right and what has been right in our lives, not be bitter for what isn't. God gave us freedom of choice. We choose our lives and our paths. So in my Baptist frame of mind I guess I am trying to live my life to the best of my ability and I do hope someday in the far off future I do get to sit with My heavenly Father.

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ida said...

alrighty then you open the board for comment and i do plan to one this.
1. the sabbath. did you know different relegns have different sabbaths. some on a friday some on a saturday. its not all on sunday. now, what do i beleive in this? becouse most of my working life i have had to work on the "sabbath". i think it is the 7th dsy of whatever you call the 7th day. God just wants us to have a break and get together with friends and family and have a good time at least once a week and of course praise Him. so my sabbath happens to be on wednesday. and i pretty much do that with my daughter. its a small party of praising him. but, its there.
2. pants. i'm torn on this one too. i am more for the long skirts. but safty wise pants are the way for me to go at work. God wants me to be safe. plus when i am bending down and hooking up my equipment to the tug i dont want to flash someone and i want to be comfortable. soooo i am opting for pants. i dont think we will burn becouse we are still keeping a modest dress.
3. will i burn for getting a divorce. i dont think so becouse God didnt want to see me die in the hands of another human.
4. yes, the prayer should be for what you want but, you also need to understand it wont be exactly what you prayed for all the time.
like: i want to earn 30,000 a year and i thought i had to be a cop to do that pretty much. hummm postal and making 51,000. ok next prayer i want a house that i can afford and live in a township. what i got. what i can afford and township next to an empty lot that i have to make sure no weirdness goes on there. i am almost like a pit bull at my own home. ok next prayer. i wanted a car that had no more then 30,000 miles and under 5,000 dollars. got a car under 2,000 dollars with only 300miles. it was a true blessing. i have had other prayers out there and they have came true with humor in them. like lately i have been a little lonely and i prayed to feel hairy legs when i slept in bed. mmmmm work up with my dog laying next to me and her 4 hairy legs.........God got humor. and that dog and i dont get along. there have been plenty of other prayers. and they have all came true. i mostly just prayed to get threw the day sane and keep on being a good single parent. and i am still doing it and sane for over 16 years. all i can say is there is a God. he is called many things by many different groups of people. (tower of babel comes to mind) and i beleive he only wants us to be happy and blessed. he wants us to work on being good to each other. and it is a daily struggle against the demon satan. God speaks to us in many ways. and i am proud to admit i talk to God. he is my best friend. he is the one that is the gut feeling warning me from harm. he is my main man. and once i found that and i have forgiven my enimies i have found complete joy. a few days ago i forgave my ex husband for hurting me the way he did and what an effect it had on my life. all i can say is the last few days have been days of complete joy.