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Monday, April 13, 2009

How Do You Steal A House?

I thought my dad was nuts! My dad asked me to go to www.wane.com and look up an article about what he saw on the news. I thought he has to be kidding, but guess what, he wasn't. There is a new low criminals have sunk to. They can actually steal your house right out from under you. Good grief! How you might ask. I have a link here to the article and there is a whole website set up to help protect you. They can forge documents, get your title and take loans out on your home, which you could potentially end up owing or even have your home taken away through foreclosure. If you go to the link below you can read the article, follow it to the website and sign up for a FREE government service to alert you if someone attempts to steal your house. Just thought I would pass this along. I mean who knew?

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ida said...

i thought you were a little nuts too on this........lol i was wrong. normally i am like on it with the fraud. whew. well if they want to assume my identity go right ahead. i have givin up. they probley wont becouse i have fingerprints on file from my federal job. i have noticed alot of id theft dont involve federal employees. plus i owe a heft sum on a house that has decrease in value and doubled in taxes. i wish them good luck on getting that loan.........lol lolllllll but, on the serious note. someone back in the barracks in germany stole my att number for the phone to call home. they got threw on christmas and i couldnt. and they were calling compton california. when i found out who they were. i about killed them. they found out that a white girl from indiana is as shitty as a black chick from compton. plus i reported them to the mp station.