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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Calming the Beast Within

First let me state I have done no research, this isn't meant to be health advice in any form or fashion. As in I am not a qualified person to give health advice that is probably a good thing. I am simply telling of my experience. As of late I have had a lot of things weighing on my mind and usually in the past I have always turned to liqueur or food to calm my nerves when things are bothering me. Neither of these would serve to do me any good and I found myself with 5 of my precious lost pounds back on so I knew it was time to stop letting my emotions control me. So I started drinking green tea last week. I drink a lot of it. I basically replaced snack foods and most of my diet soda with either a hot cup or a cold bottle of green tea. What I have found is what I've known from past experience. For whatever reason green tea soothes my nerves and calms me. Doesn't matter whether it's decaf or with caffeine it appears to work either way. It helps me relax and I absolutely love the stuff. I have read a few things before that talk about the healing properties of green tea. I have never spent a lot of time researching it, but what I do know is for whatever reason it works for me. So I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. You see if you don't like the taste of green tea, you can get flavored green tea. I personally love it any way. Natural or flavored, with one exception. I HATE lemon in my green tea. YUCK! I love lemon in diet coke so I tried it in tea and trust me, no comparison. The only place I've found the Lipton Berry mix in bottles is at Kroger's and Scott's. Meijer's and Walmart's need to get a clue and stock it. So for me what calms the beast within for now seams to be green tea and I did take that five pounds back off plus two so I'm happy.

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ida said...

lol i just made a switch in the last few days too. been drinking coffee for a long while. i just switched back to ginsing tea. havent drank the stuff since my marriage. i find it calming for my nerves and belly. especsially when on my period. its almost like we are twins sheila. lol