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Sunday, May 3, 2009

*** A Sign of Respect ***

Thinking back to September 11, 2001, a day I doubt any of us who were around on that day will forget, I recall how many American flags were being purchased and displayed. Everyone wanted to show American pride and support those families who had lost a loved one. Some people had old flags they brought out if they couldn't find any to purchase or were too poor to go buy new. Everywhere Americans were showing their support of our beloved country. Even window decals and stickers began to emerge. I loved that. I didn't even care if these people knew the correct way to display them. It didn't bother me if their flags had torn due to age. I understood they were doing what they could. Some companies refused to allow their employees to put flags out. I thought that a disgrace and was very pleased that not only did our company display them, but they handed them out to employees. I understand there may be people in our country who are not a fan of our flag. I don't care if they fly their own or do their own thing. I don't think I give a rats hind end though if they get offended at my flag or at my religion. I say if you're in our country you respect our flag. If you can't our country should deport your ass back to your own country. Again I respect their rights as long as they don't stomp on mine. They don't have to say the pledge of allegiance (With UNDER GOD in it, only way I'm saying it) but they do have to be quiet and not cause an uproar when God fearing American citizens do show their respect. There is a whole new topic of Removing God from things. I say God was here first. People who don't want to worship him or see his name on money or hear his name in schools should get over it and if you don't want your money please send it to me. I figure there are far more of us that want him in our lives than those who don't. Again.. doesn't mean I think they have to agree, but as I can put up with their religion and their rights and even attend ceremonies with their religious rights displayed and respect their rights to do so, they should be able to respect mine. If they are so unhappy with America's religious freedoms let them move to another country and see how free they are to practice their religion there. You might say Merle Haggard and I have a feeling in common. If you need to know what I mean listen to his song, "Fighting Side of Me."

What started me to thinking about this was that on Saturday as I was driving to school I saw the huge flag on Coliseum was flying at half-staff. I sent a text message to a friend to see if he knew why. For anyone who doesn't know this is usually a sign of death of someone of importance. What I noticed though was that no other business around there were. I thought perhaps it was someone with the car company that died. I looked on Wane TVs WEB though and found out that Ed Rousseau was being laid to rest on Saturday. He was a government official who had retired I believe it said in the earlier part of this decade. So that explained it to me, but it did not explain why the other business's were not honoring the man. I looked then to see if I could find what the rules or customs regarding when the flag should or should not be flown at half-staff. Here is what I found:
  • Peace Officers memorial Day, May 15Th (sunrise to sunset)
  • Memorial Day, Last Monday in May (sunrise to noon)
  • Patriot Day, September 11Th (sunrise to sunset)
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7Th (sunrise to sunset)

Only the President and state Governors can decide when and how long the flag can be flown at half-staff and here are some other's that are normally observed:

  • For thirty days after the death of a president or former president.
  • Ten days after the death of a vice president, chief of justice or retired chief of justice, or speaker of the house of representatives.
  • Until the burial of an associate justice of the Supreme Court, secretary of a military department, a former vice president, or governor of a state.
  • On the day of and the day after the death of a member of Congress.

These aforementioned observations are orders of the president and are intended to be followed by all business's that fly flags. There are no rules or regulations that prohibit business from honoring a family member killed in military service or even flying at half-staff for the loss of one of their own employees. It is recommend that business who choose to do this though display some type of signage explaining their reasoning for flying the flag at half-staff. I just hope if this car dealer ever decides to leave this location that our city will take up the cause of this great flag. I love to look at it and I have found if I'm lost on some street in Fort Wayne I can always see it and I know if I drive towards it I will find Coliseum. A flag is a sign of respect for our country. A love of who we are and where we came from. I love this beautiful flag our city has. I hope it waves forever more.

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ida said...

i hear ya.

for all the women that hate america or think that we have no freedoms. lol look at moving to pakistan, or any of the other stan countries. try russia. alot of women come over here from russia becouse they want to marry american men. any american man.

mexico repects their flag better then we do.

try being christian. in a 3rd word country. it could be challenging.