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Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's In A Dream?

So, I've spoken of dreams in my blog before. I have mentioned that there are informational dreams and how these are our minds way of trying to work through things. Last night I had what I felt was an information dream. At least I think. You see I do dream things that come true. But to the best of my knowledge last nights dream was just my minds way of trying to clear up fears and frustrations. The dream all took place at my aunt Bonnie's house. She lives in a house on the hillside in Pippa Passes, Kentucky. She's a wonderful woman Who is probably in her late 70's I would imagine. I'm not really sure. The house has two flights of stairs on the hillside to walk up to get to the porch. Then there is this wonderful porch on the front where we use to sit when we were children with our feet dangling over the side as the elder people sat on chairs and porch swings and told tails of strange things that happened as they grew up. There is one story they told over and over of my mothers dad (He was a Baptist minister) being outside with a group of people and they all saw it. Three times a white sheet looking thing went across the sky and cried like a baby. Then three weeks in a row three different church members died. So many stories attached to that house. Even one of my dad before he was married to my mom going by that house where Bonnie lived with her husband. Her husband was out and Bonnie was in labor. I guess my mom lived in that house for a while when she was a small girl. The house over looks a creek and behind it there is a pen for hunting dogs. Down below a garage with a stable and an apartment over it. The house sits on a road that is up the holler called "Short Fork" and the road was actually named "Short Fork Road". My family or should I say my dads family was the prominent family of the times that lived at the head of the holler. If I'm speaking Greek I'm sorry. These are just the terms they use. I guess you could say I have a lot of fond memories of that house and times there growing up. So it was no surprise that my dream last night was at that house. However inside that house was nothing like it actually is. There was a court room and a judge. I had an attorney. I have no idea what the trial was or was not about. I kept getting called out of the court room to deal with different issues. People from work were in the dream. Just passers by that wanted to know how I was doing. Which trust me to me was a little strange. Then there were people who are in my past. One was a girl named Mary whom I haven't seen in years. She and I were quiet close for years. The apartment building she use to live in on Hobson is no longer there. She had a brain tumor removed a few years back. I wonder how she is and if she's still alive and yes there is part of me that feels very guilty for not having kept up with her. She was one of the most honest people I think I've ever met. Such a loving person too. My family of course were in the dream. Normal life and living were also going on in the dream. So I woke up in the middle of the night (kidney infection) and when I laid back down and went back to sleep I went right back into the dream. My minds way of telling me I needed to finish the dream. Yet it's not done with me still. I have thought about that dream all day. I think what it is trying to tell me is that I need to let go of regrets. I need to realize for once in my life that I am human. The same thing I keep telling other people all the time. I can't go back. None of use can. I can't change yesterday to be the way I wish it were. I can only work on going forward. I can only work on making tomorrow better and work on making sure that those in my life realize that yes life gets busy, but I do hold them in my heart today and always. Our dreams talk to us. Our subconscious often knows things that our conscious mind isn't willing to admit to. We can grow from listening to them. A good way to remember dreams is to keep a pen and paper near your bed. When you wake write down everything you remember. Our dreams really can guide us. What are your dreams trying to tell you?

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ida said...

i think your dream was a message. there are different sights on the web that can help you figure it out. only you can really know what it is though. where was the message from? well, i think God. i think he speaks to us in many different ways. i had a dream a few years ago. at that time i was in a fork in the road and i didnt know what to do. becouse i did a litte reasearch on what that dream might have been telling me. and then i prayed upon it. i ended up one day (about a few weeks after the dream) forgiving the person that had brought me to that fork. i hate to say it but, if i hadnt had that dream that man and i wont be the close friends we are today. i would have dropped him like a hot cake.

i've also had dreams when i was very sick. flu, mentigitis, etc... where i have been givin the choice to keep sleeping or to wake up and keep living. these are kinda scarey, becouse i think they are like the final dreams we might get. i just thank God i have been givin the chance to keep on living.