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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life Without Junk Mail

OK, so with the post office talking about the possibility of removing one of their days people have been talking about different aspects of the post office and how it would or would not affect them. One conversation has been about junk mail. Even at dinner last night with friends junk mail was brought up. So I wonder how many people really understand the larger picture of life without junk mail. The way I see it is that most people only think it would affect the post office staff. I think everyone needs to really rethink that. There is this little thing called 'the ripple effect'. I mean think long and hard about it. Doing away with Junk mail would unemploy the advertising people who come up with it. It would unemploy the people who print it and the people who pack it and ship it to companies to get it ready to mail out. Along with all the people who research the market to which it will be mailed and even the group that they often have to test the mailings out on to see what the reaction to it is. So we are not talking about just the postal staff here. Let us not forget the supervisors who have to supervise all these employees that are no longer needed and the graphic designers who come up with the designs that will get printed to go along with the slogans or the selling points. Then there are the customer service representatives who will no longer be needed to answer the calls from the none-existent phone calls coming in from the flyer's. Lets not forget the sales people who might put in orders from this stuff or the people who won't be needed to fill those orders or install the products. So you see next time you are thinking you really hate all the junk mail that you get, perhaps you might want to think about this... How will it affect your job or someone in your family's? Just a thought.


ida said...

it would effect the world. your are totally right sheila. remember the sears catalog, or montomery wards. back in my mothers day (my mom was born in 1923) during the depression it was toliet paper. then when i was a little girl it was dreams. now there is not many sears catalogs at all. sigh. and the world keeps going around.

Ritchie said...

Let's look at this in different terms. How would this effect me. First without junk mail, I don't think door-to-door delivery exists any more. I think what will happen is that each person will be asked to go to their post office and pick up their mail. Now, for me it is a 10 mile drive each way (20 miles all total). It takes 15 minutes for me to get there. I have just spend 30 minutes in the car and a gallon of gas. The 15 minutes assumes we don't run into heavy traffic. I also risk being in an accident on the way to pick up my mail. Let's not forget that I have to go out in all kinds of weather to go get it. Assuming I'm not lazy and will go pick it up in the first place. So, how would it affect each and every person out there! Junk mail also helps to keep the cost of the postage down. One thing most people don't understand is the post office is a self funding entity. It is not funded by tax dollars!!!! Sorry, This one hit a nerve.