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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Old Men & Lace

And the question would be: What are two things Sheila has never been into. Seems like there is a pull from "older men" to me though. I'm not talking just a few years either. What is my dating range? No one more than six years younger than me and no one older than 15 preferably. I would bend them under the right circumstance though. I mean if you looked like Chuck Norris who is twenty seven years older than me and have any of the characteristics of the characters he plays then I might have to make an exception. You see it's not all about age. There are things I would like to find to have the perfect partner. Although I'm doubting I'll ever find them. You see I'm looking for someone who could love me for me. Not looks. I don't think I'm bad looking though. I do need to finish getting the weight off, working on it, but that shouldn't be a determinant. Then this person would have to be someone who was looking for a partner in life. Someone to share their life with. Not someone who wants to control or boss or even be bossed. It would have to be someone who enjoys life just for life. Not someone who has to have something to do all the time to be happy. Someone who knew life isn't perfect and looked at the imperfections as a challenge and a blessing for making life a little more interesting. I know I know. I want a lot don't I. No they don't have to have money. Not that I hate money, but I can't stand it when people think I could give a damn about how much they have or how much they paid for something or how much something cost. I dated a guy once that told me constantly how much he paid for things. Money seemed to be his golden idol. Wasn't for me. I also went out with a guy once who told me that I had to sleep with him. He said I was lucky to be out with a catch like him. So I picked up the pitcher of beer he had just ordered and pored it in his lap in a crowded restaurant and called a friend to come pick me up. What nerve! Oh and lets not forget the one guy I went out with that couldn't not look at his own butt in the mirror every time we would pass one, or even a window if it was shiny enough. Then the one guy I thought I had a start with, couldn't leave the pills and booze alone. I guess such is life. What I can't figure out though is why every "OLD" man in this city gravitates towards me. Today at Walmarts I was sitting up front (I was very tired, hadn't been out much since surgery) and this old man came and sat down on the bench beside me just as close as he could get. He kept looking at me. I kept looking away. Seems to be a thing at Walmarts because a couple of years ago there was a cashier that worked there that I wouldn't go out his isle when I was there. He flirted like you wouldn't believe and kept asking me out. And don't get me started on the old guy at McDonald's that asked me if I was looking for a good time. I'm at a point in my life where I have pretty much given up on relationships, which is too bad. But I know I would never settle just to have someone. I would rather be alone. Now just in fairness to the younger guys too... Let me tell you that I wouldn't be tossing Chris Young out if he were coming my way. I don't ever see that happening but just because he's eighteen years my younger - he does make my heart skip a beat. There are lots of reasons age can be a problem. No, none of them that came to mind were sexual. Mostly interest are usually different for one thing. I know the music I like now is not what people in their fifties and sixties like and definitely not what people in their twenties like. I also know the younger generation like to party. I like to attend a nice party every once in a while, but not a boozer and definitely not one where you will find drugs. I hate bars anymore. Unless it's a quite time in there and you're just with friends I'd rather not be there. Who knows where life will take me, but either way my life is fine the way it is. Too many people are too selfish these days to really be in a relationship or they get into the relationship for the wrong reasons. I watch it over and over with my friends. A couple of them have really good relationships, but most of them have a rough road. They say there is someone out there for everyone, but sometimes I think they have it wrong. Sometimes I think there are a few of us meant to walk alone for whatever reason that is only known to God. Either way I'm happy so it doesn't matter. I'm grateful for all I have and all that I am. But if someone can explain to me why I have a gravitational pull in this universe that brings the sixty-five plus my way. Please let me know. Again not that the right one may not be that age, but I doubt they will be stalking me in Walmarts. Just my opinion.


ida said...

wow sheila.......65 plus... i only get like the whole range. omg i dont know. ok... last year i was friends with one of the young men at work. he was like 19 or 20. easy to talk to. not a bad laugh or two. i was thinking cool coworker. he was thinking humm i wasnt to do her. was i amazed when i found out that he wasnt joking. it ruined a good friendship. then there was another. he just wanted to f me. welll he would come over and make conversation. it got so that my main friend was a little interested in what i found interesting in that guy. i said well he makes me laugh and thats about it. well my friend kinda left it at that and then i added he's a gnome and i really am not interested. well we laughed for a min and that was that. next thing i know this man that i was just laughing with his jokes flat out asked me if i would just like to f him and be a f partner to him. i was shocked and said no. soooooooo he goes up to my friend and says ...ida dont want to play ball and f me. i just wanted to you know becouse you know i'm all about the f......he came back and told me everything he told my friend. i about died.

i'm just sticking to my friend. its isnt a sex thing its a friendship and love thing. and right now that is all i can handle. plus, i am enjoying finding the nicer sweeter ida. she's pretty darn cool. :)

good luck

Ritchie said...

I don’t do the drinking thing at all. I have my reasons.

As for the relationship I do believe there is someone out there for everyone. Finding that person is the hard part. For me it isn’t about age or looks. It is about who that person is. However, how do you tell if the person is being truthful about who they are? Some people are great at pretending or hiding the real them.

I too have given up on relationships. I recently had two dates. The first one went ok. We just didn’t hit it off. The second one went really well. The young lady (she was eleven years younger than me) and I had a lot in common. Our parents were from the same area of the country and we were brought up in the same church. We hit it off really well. The problem I had was being so broke I couldn’t pay attention (she lives in Warsaw), she had been married twice, and she told me she had only dated a certain kind of man and I didn’t fit that mold. When she told me this all I could hear was my ex-wife saying that she really went for the biker type. I certainly don’t fit the biker type mold. No the young lady from Warsaw wasn’t into the biker type. I have to consider the fact that I may be “Damaged Goods”. Because of my past experience I may not be able to have a good relationship with anyone. I too have decided to be happy with life the way it is. I will be doing things I have always wanted to do and working with stuff I have sitting around me. I believe there are a few good people left and that we will know if we meet that person for us. Maybe for me the "Walking Alone" is the way it will be.

Tom said...

I say when it comes to relationships go with your gutt. I mean even if you like what you're hearing and seeing if your gutt is saying run like hell. Listen to it.