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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just How Lazy Are We?

Please note I said "WE". I have been guilty on a couple of occasions of the same sin that aggravates the crap out of me. Usually when I have done it though it has been because I was in pain from my arthritis or something, but none the less guilty. I am talking about not placing shopping carts in the cart returns or taking them back in the stores. I will also say in my own defense that the two or three times I have done it the returns have been far far away, not just a row over and I have never, nor would I ever push them into the
handicapped parking area to make it look like some poor handicapped person did it or worse it put it where their car is suppose to go so they may not park there. I literally saw a woman walk three car lengths in the opposite direction of the cart return to put her cart between two cars today. If she had walked two car lengths in the other direction she could have placed it in the cart return. I just don't get it. To make matters worse than just being obviously lazy, these carts can make serious damages to your cars. If you want to get my blood boiling leave a cart outside your car with the cart return right there. What is even funnier is I usually park beside the cart returns. My brother says it is the safest place for your car, because odds are people are not going near them with the carts. I sometimes think he's right. What even gets my goat more is that usually the people you see doing this are the ones who look healthy and in shape,
while you'll see the little old lady that is limping taking her cart to the return. Respect is the obvious issue here. A lot of people have forgotten what it is and when you don't return them to the areas they are suppose to go it is nothing but plain disrespectful. If that make you angry sorry. I'm entitled to my pet peeve. Now I will completely understand and forgive you if the cart return is more than 100 feet away from your car, but there are stores where that isn't the norm and it could be right beside their car and some of these people wouldn't use them. Sigh.. I guess I've complained enough for now. Help out would you? And if you see me out there breaking this rule, feel free to come up and knock me upside the head. I'm willing to give you that one!

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ida said...

the only time i dont put them in the cart return or at the store entrence is when i get that gut feeling saying get the heck out of here. other then that i am a stickler for putting them in the cart return. as for being safer parking near one i dont know. my daughter has this game called push the cart as fast as it can go into the cart return. she hasnt missed yet. but i am dreading that day. oh yea, the other day about a month or so ago we saw a grown man with his wife and young family doing the tasha game. he was upsit that he got caught and blushed. i jokingly said that that was only your game tasha. everyone ended up laughing when she said that he was a copy cat and she could do it better. ya had to be there.