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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Corporate America - Not so Smart!

Looking around watching our corporate big wigs these days one has to wonder if book smarts is all they have and sometimes one even wonders at that. I watch these younger supervisors who are afraid to have employees who are smarter than they are and who are afraid to help you work your way up the corporate ladder in fear you might pass them on it or take their job. They also seem to think their title entitles them to loyalty and respect. Well, I have news for them - it doesn't! Smart management and smart companies realize that the way to succeed is to surround yourself with people who are smarter and wiser than you are. Not only that but make these people your friends, make them like you. Make them want to work for you because they really do respect you. If a supervisor can pull that off they have the world at their feet. Not that all employees will. We all know there are a few who want to do little work and get paid big bucks, but most people will not only go that extra mile, but would carry their supervisor for it if they had to if their supervisor has gained their respect. The problem is this younger generation has forgotten what respect is. They have forgotten how to gain that respect they so desperately want and need. It's not that hard, so I find it laughable at best that they just don't get it. How you might ask? Treat people as you want to be treated. The long lost golden rule. Treat them with respect. Care enough to listen and honestly care. Go out of your way to know your employees names, the names of their spouses, their children. Know their aptitude and their attitude. Don't try to buy their respect. That one will back fire big time. Then there is listening to their issues and attempting to address them. If you can't then simply explain your position and why you can't do what they need but wish you could. Most people understand even if they don't like it if you give them the opportunity. Keep them apprised of things and don't let them find out through the grapevine or gossip's. I remember working in the 80's and thinking how well oiled the machine was. There was a supervisor named Dave that knew several hundred employees names and family names and he was really impressive. Not only that but the company I worked for at the time had a counselor on staff full time for employees to be able to go to and talk out their issues and problems. It made you feel they cared and in return you busted your butts for them. Now, it's hard to get off work for anything. If you're sick you're still expected at your desk unless you want to lose your job and heaven forbid you want a little time off early to go to your kids soccer game. And who does these top corporate places surveys for female workers or the working family? Obviously the people who answer these surveys are way up the ladder or have lots of money because I have known several people who work at several top rated companies and it's nothing but a joke to them. If corporate USA is to survive they better start listening to their employees. They better start expecting more than book smarts out of their top execs and they better hope the government lets us start teaching our children about the real world while they are in school instead of waiting for reality to hit them when they start working. Most companies have forgotten customer service and they have long forgotten the loyalty that should lie between employer and employee and I for one think it's sad. Corporate American --- really isn't so smart now is it?

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