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Monday, September 1, 2008

Emergency Animal Clinic Only if You have Money

Northeast Indiana Veterinary, (260) 426-1062 (260) 485-0130 (Fax)
5818 Maplecrest Road,Fort Wayne, IN 46835

I have spent the better part of this weekend worried sick, crying at times over my seven year old schnauzer, Princess. She's been very ill since the middle of last week. Now I have had times away from the house that got my mind away somewhat even though each time I am away there are thoughts of what will I find when I go home. I recently lost a cat, so I guess there is that fear that I'll lose my dog as well. On Friday I took my dog to the vet because I knew it was going to be a long weekend and I didn't want to have the worry and have no way of getting her to a vet. He felt that she had been bee stung again. It sounded reasonable and may even still be the case. He was very generous because he knows I have financial issues right now and didn't charge me for the visit since I had just had her in back in July for the same thing. My Vet Dr. Glidewell is a wonderful vet. I left a message on his home machine because I was so worried yesterday, but it has gone unreturned. Probably out of town for the holiday. I left the message only after trying to get through to the emergency clinic twice listed above and twice being placed on hold for more than twenty minutes. My dog has kept very little down since Thursday. Regular food won't stay down, water is a fifty fifty shot. She's been extremely hot. She's on hydrocortisone 20 mg, for the bee sting. She's been there before and by now she should be lots better. She's not. With the help of my mom (aren't mom's great!) I found that she can keep yogurt down and if I give her ice chips they stay down. I finally called the emergency clinic a third time the lady asked me if she could put me on hold I told her the last two times I had been placed on hold for over twenty minutes so she didn't put me on hold. I explained what was going on. She said it was very hard to say much over the phone, but she did tell me to check the gums and tongue. They should be pink if they aren't then it's serious. She also told me to check for dehydration by pinching the back of the neck where it is fatty and see if it snaps back or stays or is slow going back. My dog is still pink and snaps right back. So far so good. She went on to tell me they could see my dog at any time should I feel it's an emergency. Yesterday, Sunday it would be $89.95 just to see her. That wouldn't include any test, medicines or anything else that may have to be done and oh yeah, if I waited until the holiday, today $109.95 just to see her. Who has that kind of spare change lying around? Now, for me, I have a daddy that if I need it will supply it. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that and I can take her to Dr. Glidewell tomorrow. But I'm thinking there are so many people who would have no way to get that and the woman went to great lengths to tell me that they collect the money before they will look at the pet. So basically there is emergency services for pets, which is good, but only if you have money and in today's economy.. who has money? So someone who loves there pet more than life may actually have to watch them die when help is there. What justice is there in that. Now I have checked into pet insurance too, which is the other thing people throw in your face. My dog would run $40 a month and there would be a $250 deductible. WHAT? How does that help? I guess if it is thousands upon thousands and it saves you great. But if the person is able to do the $40 a month, where do they expect these struggling people to come up with a $250 deductible. I tell you what a racket. I wish I really wish I could win the lottery so that I could open a clinic to help those pet lovers who can' afford a fortune. So I guess if you have a pet and you've got the cash you now know where there is a 24/7 clinic 7 days a week. Just don't forget the gold card or the check book.

Update: 9:00pm. My dog has successfully kept her food down for over six hours. She's more spry and according to my parents who are watching her while I'm at work (yes she has a baby sitter - they live next door) they say she is up and about and has no signs of fever. For those that don't know a dogs normal temp is 100 to 102 degree's. Anything over that is cause for worry and yes you take the temp where you might suspect, although I have found the ear ones for kids works about the same. And my wonderful vet called me as soon as he got home from out of town to check on her. I feel really bad for being an over-worried pet owner, but I am. He's been my vet for 20 years so I'm sure he is aware of how I can worry. If you need a good vet who will tell you the truth and will love your pets too, then take them to Waynedale Animal Clinic on Bluffton Road. 260-747-4196. Dr. Glidewell is a wonderful vet. For now it looks like my dog is on the mend. Thanks for the prayers.


ida said...

you spoke the truth. our new dog cookie got into rat poison back in may. i was still getting tons of overtime. so saving her life for about 250.00 including follow up was no big thing. i am praying for your dog right now. i am sure it will be ok. btw cookie is a tough dog and wants to eat rocks and tile. go figure.

Sheila said...

Thanks Ida. What kind of dog did you get?

Anonymous said...

we got a shiz tu/ poodle she is something else. acts like she cant hear me when i am telling her off but then hears me if i say want to go out. like a normal kid. one thing i cant stand about her but now i am used to it wont change it a bit is she likes to talk, and talk and talk. rather that be threw barking, whining, or giving a worried squill. she is a talker.

ida said...
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