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Saturday, January 31, 2009

OHIO State-IU Game Decided By Referees

For the longest time now I have a ritual of watching IU Basketball with my dad if I am off. Today was no different. We set up and prepared to watch IU, knowing that we would probably be watching them lose. They have after all lost the last ten. Dumes whom I have slammed in a previous blog has played much better since that game that I spoke of, yet he still continues to make stupid mistakes. Especially in the last game according to my dad. Dad said he got them beat. If there is one thing I won't argue with my dad on it's basketball because he really knows his sport. Now what I'm about to say is not meant to slam Ohio State. I think they are a great basketball club and I enjoy watching them play. What I didn't enjoy today was watching what was obviously one of the worst refereeing jobs I've ever seen. At least where it came to calling things against Indiana and in favor of Ohio State. There was an obvious goal tend which should have given IU two points that didn't get called. HELLO you can't touch the ball when it's on the RIM. Refereeing 101 anyone? Then there was a foul (there were two of them, but only one I saw) called against Roth (IU #2) on a three point shot where it was also again obvious that he never touched the guy. But lets give Ohio State the opportunity to go to the line. What the heck. Then there was the three point shot that Roth was fouled by an Ohio State player and they called a foul on Roth???????? What is wrong with this picture. What I wonder is does the NCAA watch these things and do anything or do they just sit back and say "Oh, well the referees were obviously Ohio State fans. Better luck next time." Either way the game was a lot of fun to watch. Roth was on fire shooting three point shots and he set the school record for them in a game and the freshman record over all. That guy is insane to watch. Lets not forget some other amazing plays by other players today as well made for a lot of fun in watching. Whether IU wins or loses though, the one thing no one who watches can deny is that those kids play with a lot of passion. They never give up even when it seems hopeless and I think any team that wants to beat them better be doing it now, because next year they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. As for Ohio State, congratulations on your win, but I think it would have been a lot more fun to have won it without the help of such lousy officiating. Of course it's just my opinion.

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