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Friday, February 26, 2010

Martina & Trace...

What can one say about two such outrageously talented performers together under one roof for one spectacular night? It was an awesome concert. Not withstanding the lack of ability on the planning of whomever threw it together, I still had an amazing time. Tom and I got to the coliseum and went up to the lounge to relax before the concert. I saw lots of cowboys, so that wasn't all bad. Then we found that there was a long line in as they didn't really have the routes into the concert outlined in a manner that made for ease of getting to your seat, of which they decided that they needed to remove our seats to make more walkway room and then tried to sit us up in the stands and way away from the stage. We were suppose to be five rows back. I was not pleased to say the least. Then the usher ran off with my tickets. We ended up standing at the back on the floor, which although at first I was frustrated it turned out to be a good place to be, especially when we found out we were standing directly in front of the makeshift stage that Martina McBride came out to during one of her performances. If we had been bold enough we literally could have reached out and touched her legs. We were that close. So where we ended up wasn't so bad after all and being on the floor I was able on multiple occasions to walk down right in front of the main stage and take photos of both Trace and Martina.
Trace Adkins of course could just stand on stage and I would be happy, but he was quiet charming and entertaining. He even cracked a joke after an audience member gave him a beer that he'd rec
ently come to realize he's allergic to beer. It seems every time he drinks it he ends up in jail he joked. He went on to drink the beer. His performance was mesmerizing to me. So much man and such a velvety voice. Then Martina of course was flawless and thankfully she sang a lot of her old school type music. One of which was a song off her "Time Less" album. I was happy about that because I like her older music much better than the new. All in all a good time was had. I am still not happy with the coliseum. Good money was paid and expectations were set and although it turned out OK, I didn't care for their lack of good judgement and planning. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures I took at the concert you can find them on my face book page.

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ida said...

i'm glad you had a good night :)