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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A New & Fresh Look for Star Trek

Warning: (SPOILER ALERT) Do not read this is you don't want me to spoil movie scenes for you. Just saying I am going to probably write about it and you may not want to read it.

First off, lets just start by saying their is a sense of humor in everything in life and I'm not talking this movie. My friend Vincent and I had planned to get together tonight for dinner. Then plans changed on a whim and I went to dinner and a movie with my brother. Who should end up in the same movie theater as me. You guessed it, Vincent. You are just not able to get rid of me now are you Vinnie? Anyway, lets talk Star Trek. Yep this is the movie of choice of the evening. I wanted to see it. I loved the very first version of this show from the sixties. I wasn't sure how I would respond to other actors playing the parts, but let me tell you the people who put this movie together were spot on with casting, well at least for the most part. I wasn't impressed with their Mr. Checkov at all. All thumbs on this movie though are pointed up. You know it's a good movie when you come out of the theater wishing it hadn't ended, ready for a sequel and ready to go right back in and see this movie again. I haven't seen a movie this good in I don't recall how long. If you haven't seen it you can see it this week at the Coventry Theaters. It's $3 per show except on Tuesdays when you can watch for $2. If you miss it there I am sure it will be on pay per view sometime soon and the DVD and Blue Ray are set to be released on November 17Th. This is a movie you can watch and like even if you never saw any of the other movies. It doesn't need you to have a history with Star Trek to know what is going on and my bet is even if you didn't like any of the others this movie will have you. It's entertaining and over whelmingly I found myself committed to the characters and the plot right away. The young James Tybirius Kirk was a rebel and this movie shows you that right up front with him stealing a car and driving it off a cliff. His entry onto the Enterprise for it's maiden journey is packed full of humor and it brings us to know a side of Leonard Mccoy that I found quiet entertaining. Oh yeah did I mention that the directors should pat themselves on the back for this character? Dr. Leonard McCoy (Bones) in this movie was perfect. This was by far my favorite character. The guy who played him, Karl Urban, had Bones pegged. He could not have done a better job with that character if he tried. Then Zachary Quinto who stared as Spock was probably my second favorite, although, I'm not sure he really resembled Leonard Nemoy's rendition of the character very much. This Spock had a more human side and one with a little 'evil' unleashed for all to see. The fact that they decided to make Spock and Lieutenant Aurura love interest in the movie was an interesting choice. I think I liked the more aggressive Spock that was portrayed here though. He had some interesting takes on his torment between being Vulcan and Human. Chris Pine of course is the new comer and played James T. Kirk. I would have to say although I liked the original series this Kirk showed more fire and passion. He definitely had more charisma and I'm sure the girls would follow him even if it is on a trek into space. This movie opened up a world of possibilities for many movies to come and it may just do it's job at grabbing a whole new generation of trekkies. Something previous shows have so miserably failed to do. It gave us the possibilities of alternate life's, and expanding from exploring space to exploring the time continuum as well to see where life can take us if we so choose to go back and change it all. The old series had a planet Vulcan. New movies can't as it's destroyed in this one. How will that alter Spock's choices. James T Kirk grew up with a dad who was proud of him in the original. In this one his father died the day he was born. What possibilities of character might that bring and how amusing that even though some of the events were changed the same cast ended up on the bridge of the Enterprise at the end of the movie. I look forward to the next one. I think the directors have got their hands full though to come up with a movie that is half as good as this one. Take a chance and join the masses who have taken that final frontier moment. Go see Star Trek. Cute guys and girls, lots of action and possibilities beyond imagination. Now what more could one ask for than that?


Ritchie said...

I thought they did a great job of reviving the series. I saw it first on May 8th when it came out. Was itiching to see it again, but had other things going on. I will definately buy it when it comes out on DVD. Will most likely go on a Tuesday and see it for the 3rd time. Great job with this one guys. Can't wait to see the next one.

ida said...

i have to spend my money on the new robent movie for "kids". sigh. star track does look exciting. i'll probley get it when it comes out on dvd.