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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Guiding Light Has Burned Out!

Soap Opera's... What can one really say. These daytime shows were once the accredited highlight of the average house wife's day. They were geared towards making her day a little less hum drum and dreary and giving her a fantasy world to escape to for a brief period of time. They also gave sponsors the opportunity to peddle their goods that promised this house wife that she could simply be perfect and make her families lives more than anything they could possibly ever dream of. These alternate reality shows though are fading fast. The days of the leisurely lounging house wife between loads of laundry and vacuuming have long since faded into the back ground. Growing up I recall my mom watching these as she did her daily chores. I do mean daily too. You could and still can eat off my mom's floor with no worry of germs or dirt. Mom watched such shows as "Edge of Night", "Another World", "Days of Our Lives" and yes, "The Guiding Light". Each of these has slowly died out and fizzled. "Edge of Night" was only a thirty minute soap and it generally came on in the morning as I recall. It ran from April of 1956 until December of 1984. "Another World" usually came on in the late afternoon around three or so. I admittedly watched this one from the time I was around twelve until it went off the air. "Another World" aired from May of 1964 until June of 1999. I have also watched such soaps as "Santa Barbara" which aired from July of 1984 until January of 1993 and "Passions" which aired from July of 1999 until August of 2008. I also must admit that I have since a little girl and still do watch "Days of Our Lives". "Days" first aired in November of 1965 and has been optioned through 2010. From there it is an unknown as to what the shows future may or may not be. As for "Guiding Light", as it was called after 1975, I watched it for a while, but lost interest in it before I ever saw the age of twenty. My mom found she needed one less to watch and stopped watching it a few years back as well. There will be no going back to watch this show again though as it has seen it's final day. "Guiding Light", which is accredited by the "Guinness Book of World Records" as being the longest running soap opera in production aired from January 1937 (Radio/CBS) to September 18, 2009. They taped their last show on August 11, 2009 (television/CBS). Ironically in my mind, which is admittedly a scary place to be, August 11Th is my mom and dads wedding anniversary. Either way the people of Springfield (the town in the show) have all closed up shop and said good night to that era. Yes the soap opera is a dying thing. Trust me when I say that once "Days" is off air I will not watch any more of them myself, but for now I will continue to watch. I kind of miss those days gone by. I know most women are for equal rights and I was probably just born in the wrong age because I kind of believe I would have liked staying at home and being a house wife. Then again we'll never know now will we. For now the guiding light of soaps has grown dim as do the days of our lives.


ida said...

i would have loved staying at home and being a homemaker when the children came along. but, i am very happy with the little adventures i've had. my mom watched all my children and something else. erica kane. erica kane. she was loving every minute of it when erica would come on. mom would clean the house in the morning and let me sleep in till about 9:30, 10am then if i didnt get out of the house fast enough i would be hit with every chore in the book that didnt get done. usually that would make me have to go upstairs and clean like a cleaning machine. then she would wonder why i wasnt out of the house yet. now sometimes she was waiting for me to go to the grocery on my bike to get a gallon of milk or bread. then after erica kane she would lay down for about an hour and on good days go outside later on in the day and do yardwork.

ida said...

wow sheila, this has been a major topic at work with the women. they even and came and asked me if i watched this show back in the day like the late 80's early 90's. i was sorry to tell them that i was a csi, ncis, mentalist, medium, soup up car, reality tv, news and weather tv, and science and history fan. if we were talking about different dimensions there could be in the universe. or government coverups heck. i would have been in my field of talk. so i had to tell them the truth and the guys were dying on the dock and told me that the women were shocked that thats what i really talk about to all the men i talk too. one of the guys said they thought i was trying to get a man while at work. LMAO. i'd rather be without. which i am.