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Sunday, January 4, 2009

How Much Is Too Much?

OK, even I will admit I have a problem on this one. Today in cleaning up my house I realized that although I had four garage sales this past summer, gave a ton and I mean a ton of clothes to the Goodwill, I still have way too many clothes. Let me just tell you the error of my compulsion. I have 4 dressers of sorts, a storage cabinet and 4 of the rubber made 3 storage drawer units. Out of these. The cabinet, which has 5 shelves in height and stands about my nose level (I'm five foot 9) is full of pants and sweat shirts. 2 of the rubber made storage units have sweaters. One of the rubber made storage units has pants and another one has t-shirts. The six drawer dresser contains both dress shirts, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts. The two four drawer units house sweat pants and shirts along with more sweaters. The tall dresser I have holds two drawers of my favorite pants and three drawers of summer shirts. Lets not forget the four drawer dresser in my bathroom that houses my personal items and nightwear and the three drawer upright unit in there (very slim) which houses my socks. Did I mention I have two closets? I have a barrage of shawls, dresses, jackets, house coats and regular coats in those. Oh and don't worry at last count I had about fifty pairs of shoes. So how much is too much? For me this is way too much and as time allows I'm planning to weed it down more and more. Anyone need some clothes? Just checking.

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ida said...

omg........ahhhh you do have alot more then i do.....good luck and have fun weeding your pretty garden down. :) love ida