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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Monday, July 5, 2010

********* Plenty Of What? ***********

So after a long break from the dating world I decided to give it a whirl a few months back. It has been an interesting adventure to say the least. The dating game has changed over the years that I took myself out of it. Did you know that “hooking up” is now terminology for get together to have sex? Funny when I say it I mean lets do lunch or dinner or a movie. People also now have a more open concept to when sex should be started in a relationship. I for one don’t think it should be on the first date. So I decided to check out some of the websites out there for singles. The three I chose to check out where “ZOOKS” on face book, www.LatinoPeopleMeet.com and www.plentyoffish.com which is a free website. The “ZOOKS” website and “Latino People” both charge you a monthly service fee to utilize their websites. I doubt I will be a member for more than one month on either of the chargeable sites. I haven’t found them to be much different than the one that is free so why bother. I tried “ZOOKS” simply because it was connected to face book. On it I have only found one guy that I would consider relationship interest to me, but did find one that is a friend interest so I guess it has been worth it on that. On Latino People I have found several prospects but so far nothing that has come to have anything come of it. I joined that site because Latin mean get my blood to pumping. Unfortunately a lot of the guys on there don’t get that a woman might be on that website because she’s looking for Latin men, but then I guess the men could say the same about the women. I’m not Latin. When I first signed up, the first website I signed up for was Plenty of Fish. What an awful name first of all. Shouldn’t we women be offended? I guess I’m over it though because I have had seven dates in the last two weeks off that site. When I first signed up for the site though I sort of felt like fresh bait in a piranha tank. I couldn’t believe how quickly and how many emails I got. I started out trying to be friendly for niceness sake with anyone who emailed me. Trust me when I say I’ve gotten over that rather quickly as I was asked a bunch of things I really don’t find polite conversation. It’s amazing though how asked by one can offend you and by another not so much. I guess human nature that if someone attractive asks it doesn’t sound as bad? That is bad isn’t it? What kills me though is one guy I had great emails going on with I gave my cell number and the first thing he did was send me a picture of himself in a Speedo. Let me tell you this guy should NEVER be seen in a Speedo and I guess his sending me that picture should have been a clue to run right then and there. Since he and I had such good emailing conversations before that though I tried to look past the ugly picture that was now embedded in my mind. I mean after all personality can make people who may not be that attractive, attractive to me. So what happens. This guy not only tells me he wears a size sixteen shoe and he hopes “size” isn’t a problem for me, but then he tells me he has a “lip” fetish and likes them big (no he wasn’t talking about the ones on my face, I know sick right?). Oh and get this… the final icing on this guys cake was that he told me he had to sleep with me to find out if there was a possibility of a second date. Say what? What a conceited, selfish, idiot this guy was. He’s a fireman in Elkhart too. Feel sorry for them. At least he really was good at putting out fires cause I wanted him before he revealed himself to be the big jerk that he was. Fire successfully put out. Good job Mr. Fireman. Then there was a twenty-one year old guy who wanted to VTEXT me naked pictures of himself so I could see if I wanted to screw him or not because he definitely wanted to hook up with me. First of all he’s young enough to be my son, secondly I’m not sure that is a good foundation for a relationship, of course I really don’t think he was looking for a relationship. Then there is this one that seems really sweet and all, but I’m thinking he has a wife or a girlfriend. He’s never on in the evenings or weekends… .only seems to be on from work. I’m thinking what is wrong with that picture? My over all opinion though.. I think it is possible that on one of these sites one could find a good relationship. I had a very enjoyable dinner on Thursday night with a man and laughed and laughed. On Friday night I enjoyed the company of a very nice man as well. So I guess they do exists. I also met someone not on the website… Not sure any of them are the one but I guess time will tell. I don’t really see a reason to pay a website with a free one out there though. I also think there are some old fashioned ways that are still good to find a date. At least on Plenty of Fish you know right up front whether the person has kids and whether they want more or not. For me that is a big issue right there. I mean if I never have children I am fine with it, but if I get with a guy that wants kids then he needs to know one or two at the most at my age. There are lots more guys I could tell you about on these dating sites and I am sure they have their own war stories, but for now I am going to give it a little more time and see what happens. I will update you as I go along. As they say for now I guess I will keep fishing and see if anything nips at the bait. Again, plenty of what?


Ritchie said...

The name "Plenty of Fish" is a play the words "Plenty of Fish in the sea". I don't think the founder of the system intended to offend females. I personally think referring to a person as “HOT” sounds derogatory (has a sexual connotation) , but that is just me. People seem to like that. And yes, I knew that “hooking up” meant to have sex. Got to watch what you say as the slang terms are constantly changing.

I have read through some profiles on Zoosk and Plenty of Fish from Women. They basically all read about the same “Wanted Good/Real man, good hearted, caring, honest, trustworthy, who doesn’t play games and knows how to communicate”. I am assuming the games you are describing here are the games they are referring to. I must be the prude as I think sex should be saved for marriage. Under no circumstance should the relationship be founded on sex. Two people need to match up on fundamental levels (religion, finances, housekeeping, and child rearing). These are the things that will cause the most stress in the relationship. Basically these people who say they need to have sex first are saying if someday you suddenly couldn’t have sex for some reason then they would throw you away. Say what? Don’t people believe in relationships that last a life time anymore? Whatever happened to having a relationship for love? Personally I believe that having sex would cloud ones judgment as to other problems that might prevent the relationship from going forward. If there is a physical relationship then these problems might get ignored. Also, I believe that sex was intended to be a bond between a man and his wife. Again, I must be a prude. I want to know the person I am dating and know that it is going to work out. I wouldn't want to go through the process again. Let’s also face it that there are females that play games as well. They just play different games. Yes, I believe there are good men and women out there. They just don’t stand a chance at finding anyone because each side has seen the fifteen thousand examples of what men and women shouldn’t be like. In my case I don’t look like Tom Cruise and every woman on the planet has met the fifteen thousand jerks. I guess I am a prude as well. I am behind the eight ball to start with

Ritchie said...

P.S. When I bring up someone's profile in Plenty of Fish it brings up and add with a woman in skimpy attire as part screen that contains the profile. I don't know what the women get when they bring up the men's profiles. FYI.

indy said...

hummm i lost 10 pounds. now on your posting.........it was the best laugh i have had for awhile. i even had a chuckle at ritchie.

pleanty of fish is horrible web site. i've never been on it. but, we had a guy down here in indianapolis that was in lockup becouse he enjoyed spreading his hiv around on that site. i knew what hookin up was. its disgusting. and someone that says they are 21 is probley younger then that sheila. welcome to the digital age.
i fully agree with ritchie. sex should be saved for marriage. i've had nothing good (relationship wise) come from just having it. the only blessings i've had from God about sex is my daughter. and i am hiv free. sex should be saved for marriage. when it isnt there are alot of mental games going on and its just not worth it. lol in fact i'm thinking of downsizing to a twin bed.