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Sunday, March 21, 2010

*** Plan B ***

Let me start by saying it is my opinion that everyone is entitled to their
opinion whether they are right or wrong. Seriously though the opinions
expressed in this blog are mine and are not meant to insult anyone or upset

anyone, just to make you stop and think and to give you the opportunity to
express your opinion on the topic as well. This just happens to be on my
mind. --- If you’re super sensitive to this topic you may want to sit this
one out.

Abstinence is the safest form of birth and disease control. That is what they say, right? Well, one would have to agree and could hardly argue that they are correct. The problem here is it is not happening. You know it and I know it. I’m not for promoting sex in teenagers so don’t even go there with me; however, I do feel it’s a parent’s responsibility to talk to their children about sex and to teach them and prepare them to keep them safe. My parents, God I do love them, but they never had any form or fashion of a sex talk with me. Heck my mom didn’t tell me about my menstrual cycle until I had all ready been on it a year and using her pads. Guess she didn’t notice. My parents are and always have been and will be old fashioned. Nothing wrong with it, except with society the way it is today we can not afford to not inform our children of the facts. The fact is that Aids is real. The fact is that once you have a girl pregnant, there is no turning back, no matter the choice you make. Yes I said choice. I know it’s a word that gets the pro-life folks standing in line to beat down doors and yeah to an extent I’m with you because I am pro-life, but I am also pro-choice. So how can I be both? That is an easy answer. I don’t believe I or anyone else has the right to make choices for anyone else or to tell them what their relationship with God is or how their body should have to suffer. And before you go there I have all ready heard the argument about watching a child be neglected and no I wouldn’t stand by and watch someone beat a kid, but I don’t see this as the same thing, sorry, save your breath. I would never dream of asking a girl who was the victim of rape or incest or who might die while doing so to carry a baby that she couldn’t possibly want. On the other hand if she aborts it she’ll have that cross to hang on to for I’m sure it has to be an emotional roller coaster. I seriously don’t think there is anything that could make me abort a baby, but I’ll also tell you that at this point in my life I don’t want children of my own. As much as that probably is to the dislike of my mom and dad I don’t. I don’t even know if I want a husband, let alone kids. A partner to share life is a wonderful thought, but finding that right person is tricky. I like my life for the most part the way it is. So with that said, we know people are not going without sex, but are they being safe with sex? I have talked to several people that claim they just can’t stand to have sex using a condom. So I suppose they like the idea of and STD? I’m here to tell you that if the choice is no sex or using a condom most people will use one so girls don’t let the guys tell you that and guys don’t let the girl hood wink you. While we are on that subject guys really you do need to know if you can trust your partner. I mean just because a girl says she’s on the pill don’t make it so. I had an ex room mate who purposely got pregnant knowing the guy was from a hard core Catholic family and that the guy would marry her. I think it was wrong and I doubt it ever came with a happily ever after the way she might have thought, but I’m telling you there are girls out there that will do it. And girls you need to be doubling up on your security too. Just because he wears a condom doesn’t mean it won’t break or he hasn’t damaged it or lubes might make it less effective. Seriously sex is not to be treated lightly. It comes with emotional and physical ramifications. Now, if you do find yourself in a bind ladies where the condom breaks or you’re in a “hurry” and don’t ask him to wear one or oops didn’t take my pill today, there is a product out there you can buy called “The Plan B Pill”. It’s not meant to be a permanent form of birth control and trust me when I say you wouldn’t want it to be. Walgreen's sells it for around $45, Wal-Mart’s around $55. The difference is that Walgreen's is a two pill taken at 12 hour intervals where Wal-Mart’s sells a single dose pill. What is this pill? Simply put it is a pill that prevents fertilization and ovulation. Yes I said prevents fertilization, so if you take it you are not killing a living human being because one hasn’t been created yet. I know there are still people out there that think it’s wrong because you should allow God to decide, but this pill is no different than using a condom or taking the pill to me. Even with that said though there are several pharmacies that refuse to carry this pill simply because of the religious up roar that it comes with. It is often referred to as a morning after pill, but is not exactly the same pill. This one works to stop fertilization from ever happening in the first place. This pill needs to be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex or from the time of whatever occurred to make you suspect you need it. The longer you wait the less likely it will work and ladies there is only an 89% change it will work in the first place. I know that sounds like a good number, but it leaves 11% odds in favor of becoming pregnant. I’m just saying. This pill does have some side effects that can occur and I would highly recommend you read up on it long before ever needing it to make sure it’s an option, but it is out there and it is available should the need arise and for those that are thinking it’s expensive, well how much does it cost to raise a child these days? So if you’re in doubt you might want to take a chance and roll the dice, or see your Walgreens or Wal-Mart’s pharmacists and get “The Plan B Pill”. It’s just another option for you. So if you hadn’t heard, I wanted you to know there was one available. Again, this is all only my opinion.

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ida said...

its been awhile since i used something similary to plan b. the other plan is to take a few birthcontrol pills and abort within 24 hours. you have to google it to see how many to take. i used to know. and you have to do all this within hours of having sex. i did it a few times and got six as a dog. vomiting and everything. but, i didnt have a kid.
i know for a fact if someone does have an abortion it bothers them for the rest of their lives. i had a roommate or two in teh barracks tell me all about their abortions. and my own mother told me that she had wished that she never aborted her baby in a back street clinic in chicago inthe late 30's. she wished she had her baby and raised the baby on her own like i did. she have several miscarrages and everything. yes, she didnt want me and told me that all the time. yes, i had sever home problems growing up. but, i thank God everyday he let me live. even if i am not her baby (my true mother that loved me) and i happen to find out one day that i am my sisters (which i have a memory of a conversation that she swears didnt happen) i would be ok with that too. i am just thankful i am here.
so before anyone thinks of abortion think of me. and remember in 40 years your baby will still love you no matter how they were brought into this earth.