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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Reading.... Recommendation

Most of the people I talk to say they enjoy reading a lot more during the winter months when they can’t enjoy the great outdoors. I like reading late at night before going to bed mostly. Either way I found the Argeneau Series of books by Lynsay Sands most enjoyable. My favorite book due to its great sense of humor was by far was book number seven, “The Accidental Vampire”. The humorous storey of a woman who became a vampire but had absolutely no clue how she got to be one. The great thing about this series is it really doesn’t matter what order you read the books in. They are a compilation of the family Argeneau and how each of them finds their mate and the adventure that takes them there. Heck if you look at the list they weren’t even written in the sequence of events as they unfolded. There are twelve books in all and each is sure to thrill you. My second favorite in the series is, “The Immortal Hunter”. I did so enjoy each and every one of these books and yes I have them should anyone want to borrow them. Of course you must agree to give them back. I can’t wait for the next in the series to come out either. It comes out in January. I’m getting excited. Here you have it though… this is my suggested reading for a little light winter reading. Romance and humor are hard to beat I would say.

  1. A Quick Bite (November 2005)

  2. Love Bites (January 2004)

  3. Single White Vampire (September 2003)

  4. Tall, Dark & Hungry (July 2004)

  5. A Bite to Remember (July 2006)

  6. Bite Me If You Can (February 2007)

  7. The Accidental Vampire (January 2008)

  8. Vampires Are Forever (February 2008)

  9. Vampire Interrupted (March 2008)

  10. The Rogue Hunter (September 2008)

  11. The Immortal Hunter (March 2009)

  12. The Renegade Hunter (September 2009)

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ida said...

i have a little different taste in reading. i like jim marrs, national geographic, history, murder, true crime, bible, koran. oh yes, and different diminsions.