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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My IU Basketball Legacy

Legacy may or may not be the correct title, but in a way this is exactly what it is to me. All my life, all my memories of my life have been surrounded every fall and winter with Indiana University Basketball filling my home. When I was little game nights, especially if on a Saturday night found my mother baking a chocolate cake, with me attempting to help so I could lick the spoon or bowl. The cake would be ready by the start of the game and my mother and I would always retire to the back bedroom to watch television there while my dad and brother would watch the game in the living room. You could hear them yelling and clapping and laughing and often my mother and I enjoyed our mother and daughter time. Every year until I moved out of my parents home found this same ritual. My dad and my brother really were IU basketball nuts too. I came home from school one day and it was tournament time and as soon as I walked in the door IU lost the lead. That was senior year for me. My brother was out of school. My brother immediately blamed me for them losing the lead merely for walking in the door. It is comical now and as I am sure my brother didn't really believe that and he was just in the heat of the game. I hope he sees the humor in it as well. I had always enjoyed playing sports and basketball but had never really found any use for watching them. Now I hate when I miss the games. Can't help but miss a lot of them on the schedule I work, but I watch what I can. What changed? That is easy. I've always been a person who wanted to see my family happy. Sometimes to the point it hasn't always been healthy for me, but I love them and if you're in my life and I love you, you know there is little I wouldn't do for you. When in 1991 my brother met his wife he started spending less and less time with my dad, which is perfectly normal under these circumstances, but it isnt' always easy for a loved one or a parent to catch that connection. Mom told me dad was lonely and that he missed having Ritchie to watch the games with. So I went to the library and got a couple of books on basketball. Then I went and bought the college basketball magazine and watched a couple of college games on my own. After I was sure I knew at least enough about the game I simply invited myself to watch the games with my dad and a new tradition was born. Simple as that. Not long after wards I found I loved the sport both playing and watching it. I also loved the time it gave me with my dad. I think all parents and their children should have such a wonderful experience and something they share on a continual basis. So this Tuesday night will find me watching IU with my dad and more than likely with my brother. I really wouldn't have it any other way and so you see this is my IU Basketball legacy. What is yours?


ida said...

well i cant stand the colts. but, my daughter is a giants/colts fan. football is the big thing to her. i personally love the komets. but, this is year 2009 not 1984 so i am turning into a football fan little by little. it help keeps the conversation flowing. pretty bad when i humm the first part of monday night football theme and she knows the whole thing.

Ritchie said...

Well, I wish IU basketball was as big a thing to me as it was back then. I still enjoy spending time with dad and you when you have time, but I think over the years I lost something. I just don't seem to get into the games like I used to. Maybe I am just getting old or something.