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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

IPOD Classic 2009

Sounds like a graduating class. Doesn't it? Well, welcome me to the age of technology. I still have my Walkman by the way and will still use it some. I also have an MP3 Player a friend gave me. I will use it as well. I am liking my IPod Classic though as well. I think I could get to like Apple products. Hum. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a radio on it, although apparently there is something you can buy and attach to it that will give you a radio signal. It also has a cute little Karaoke gadget you can attach to it which I just think is too cool and at $50 I really really want. I spent some time the other day leafing and reading through the manual for it. Then I went out and browsed around the Itunes site. I got a movie and a book so that I could see what they were like. I put on several of my albums. 633 songs out there right now. It's going to take me forever to get all my albums into the digital age. I am thinking I need an external hard drive for my computer to store all this stuff on. I also didn't like that it appears that the IPod people think everyone who walks with one of these babies is going to want it holstered to their arm. Uh, I really really don't. They don't appear to make hip holsters for these so I went to Walmarts and bought an IPhone hip holster and guess what? Perfect fit. After playing I have figured out how to skip through chapters in the books and the movies. That wasn't easy. I also realize the IPod I have is not the IPod touch I originally was wanting but I like it. All in all I would have to give two thumbs up to the product, even though I had to be dragged by the hair into this technology thing. Hey I just started really using my DVD player in the last year or so. I was convinced it was way harder than VHS to learn to use. So I am a little on the slow up take when it comes to advancing my life into technology, but for now I can jam with some cool music as I take those long walks. As always anyone wanting to check this product out and play with it, a test run you might say, you are welcome to see me.

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