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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Different Kind of Nook

It appears to me that technology is going to force me to accept it whether I like it or not. Everything, as a friend of mine has told me, is going digital these days. I'm begining to think that some day we may even have digital food. I wonder if that means we'd have digital weight issues? Perhaps we could go on a digital diet? I dropped into one of my favorite places to browse today, Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Didn't find anything that made me walk to the register with it and carry it home today, but I love looking solely for the sake of looking. There is also something comfortable and inviting about being around all those shelves of books. If I didn't know myself I might start to believe that perhaps I was meant to be a librarian, and yes I know my friends have had to pause from reading this to catch their breath from laughing so hard. What I did find somewhat amusing
and a little intriguing was a 'e-book' reader that Barnes and Nobles has started taking reservations for. (Reserve Now and will be shipped to you in late November). This little jewel is called 'NOOK'. It appears to be about the size of a hard back book to me. Measurements listed are: height 7.7 inches, width 4.9 inches, depth .5 inches and weight 11.2 oz. It also has a 3.5 inch color touch screen LCD monitor that is picture perfect and clear even in bright sunlight. Per the store hype this little guy will allow you to have any book in their list of over one million books in the palm of your hand at any given time. The average price for loading their books down to this device is said to be $9.99. I must admit to being extremely intrigued by this device, although I find it sad that technology is trying to do away with yet another thing I love, which is a good old fashioned book that is in the palm of my hands. It does appear it would save room for those who want to rid their lives of clutter. The 'Nook' as sold holds up to one thousand
five hundred e-books, magazines, or newspapers. There is a memory card that can be added that will allow for seventeen thousand five hundred magazines, newspapers, or e-books. That is a lot of room if you think about how much space that would actually take up in your house. Yet at $9.99 a book times 17,500 that would also be $174825.00 before taxes too. YIKES.. I suppose we all probably spend a lot on books in our lifetimes though. There are these places I've heard of called Libraries though that one can visit, borrow the book and take it back to them and they actually store it. Hum. You technical people out there probably all ready know this, but you can also have e-books on your IPod's, mp3 players and even your IPHONE (that is for you Joe). With this being said I am not really how sure I am that this little guy will be a success, but I would actually like one. I am not going to dish out the $259.00 at this time to buy one though. If you are interested in more information on the 'Nook' you can go to http://www.nook.com/.

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ida said...

259.00 you dont say.......lol i really dont need to answer this but i will. i WILL NOT be buying one of these. i like to read in the bathroom and this just wont work for me.