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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chris Young: "The Man I Want To Be"

Yes, that is correct! Chris Young's new CD is on sale now. It was available as of Tuesday, September 1, 2009. Of course I did go out and buy it yesterday. Can't resist a tall, dark and obviously otherwise gorgeous man with a great voice. The original release date for this album was suppose to be August 26, 2008, but was put on delay. Not sure of their reasoning for that, but I am sure as with everything else in life it wasn't probably anything good. I have to say although the album is well worth the money I paid for it, I was a little disappointed. Not because the songs weren't good, they are, but because he chose to fill it with more slow songs than anything else. I like his feisty up tempo music more myself. I do have to say though that I would probably sit for hours and listen to this man sing the alphabet song to me, and it couldn't hurt if I was in his arms while he did it. Either way there are ten songs altogether on this album. Four of them are up tempo and the rest are slow. My choice songs off the album are "That Makes Me", "Voices", "Rose In Paradise", and "Twenty-One Candles". I can honestly say I am not real fond of the title track, "The Man I Want To Be". Over All though I give it a thumbs up. Anyone wanting to listen to it pre-purchase just see me. I'll be glad to let you take a listen.

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